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Karyssa Newsome, Features Editor

Karyssa Newsome is a Senior and Features Editor for the Commander, and is now

in her fourth year of journalism at UC High. She enjoys reading and writing and hopes to

one day become a successful journalist and novelist or work somewhere in the publishing

industry. When you take the time to get to know her you will find out many things you

wouldn’t expect; she’s a girl full of surprises. One of her passions in life is writing and

literature. Anyone who knows her knows that English is her thing and that she is

memorable by what she can accomplish with her words alone.  Music is another

passion of hers. She literally cannot survive the day without some kind of music. Her

favorite genres at the moment are; Alternative, Rock, Singer/Songwriter and K-Pop (a strange

combination, she knows) mostly, “anything but country,” will suffice. She also enjoys doing art

and drawing in her spare time and hopes to improve her skills in the future.

Karyssa is a girl with dreams. She strives for the best and is determined to make it

big in this crazy world. One day you’ll be seeing her books on the bookshelves and reading

her magazines in the checkout lines of the convenience store.

Though she’s serious when it comes to the books and school, catch her out of the

classroom and she’s a ball of excitement and is always up for a little fun and games. Every

now and then she has a surprising moment, like running into the hallway door. You should

probably know she’s a little clumsy, and is always tripping over her own feet. In the end

Karyssa is a lot of things. She’s spontaneous, and funny, and mysterious, and so much more. She’s different, but in a good way. She’s not your typical. But if you want to know’ll have to ask her yourself (or wait to hear about it in the biography that will surely be written about her once she's famous).

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Karyssa Newsome