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Top Ten: Comedians of the Century

Jack Minnick, Editor-in-chief

September 30, 2011

Filed under Features

Over the years, there have been too many amazing stand-up comedians to count. While many of the funniest comedians came from earlier eras, there are many current ones who have been able to raise quite a few laughs. 10. Larry t...

Objects of Affection

Meredith Sturmer, Staff Writer

July 21, 2011

Filed under Features

As summer quickly approaches, it is common to hear people exclaim how much they “love” summer. At many other time and for many other reasons, people exclaim how much they “love” virtually anything, particularly inanimate...

Summer Concerts

Riley Wilson, Staff Writer

July 21, 2011

Filed under Features

While school is just about ending for students, hundreds of music artists and bands are gearing up for their summer tours. Many celebrated musicians will visit San Diego during the warmer months, and no matter what your musical...

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