New Rock ‘n’ Roll Class Proposed for Next Year

Leila Garrett, Staff Writer

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Sick of the same old boring classes? Well, how about a class on rock ‘n’ roll?

    The UC High administration is considering adding a “History of Rock Music” college class as a follow-up elective to English 101 next school year, though the availability of the class will depend on how many students show interest in taking the course.

  History of Rock Music, alternatively known as Music 103, will consist of the study of the origin and development of rock music. According to UC High’s website, “The course focuses on the evolution of different styles within the genre as well as the social, political, and economic and cultural contexts of rock music” (

   This unique class will not only teach the historical aspects of rock music, but will also include musical concepts such as pitch,  rhythm, and form. It’s an opportunity for students to learn how music has influenced the world we live in today.

   However, the class will only be open to seniors, acting as a second semester to the college class English 101. Counselor Kimberly George explained, “The kids who would normally take senior English are going to take English 101 first semester, which counts for the entire year of senior English. They then have second semester open, and History of Rock is partnered with that.”

   Music 103 is partnered with English 101 because the entirety of English 101 is completed only within a single semester. George stated that Music 103 would be an elective option that would be easy to jump into during the second semester and would not compete with existing electives at the school. Both English 101 and Music 103 will be weighted double credit, just like the existing college classes at UC High.

   The number of classes, or sections, is currently unclear and will be dependent on how many students show interest in taking the course. “Next year is the pilot year to see if UC High students like the course and if they like the course it could potentially grow for the following year. If we only get enough students to fill up one section, then we will have only one section of music,” stated George.

   Junior Noa Brady, who will be eligible to take the course next year, believes numbers won’t be a problem.

   This course is intended for all students interested in music. Unfortunately, Music 103 will not teach students how to play instruments. You’ll have to take lessons for that.

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