Fashion Jackson: A Sound for the New Age

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Fashion Jackson: A Sound for the New Age

Summer Ingalls, Staff Writer

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Although maybe not the most popular act among teenagers, Fashion Jackson is a talented band from Ocean Beach, California that draws from an array of influences ranging from R&B and soul to ‘80s pop, shoegaze, and garage rock.

   “I have sadly never been to a gig, but I would like to just say that this band is phenomenal. The music style is always new and makes you want more. Their single ‘Honey’ is [especially astonishing]. From videos I’ve seen of them performing, I know they are amazing and have a great stage presence. I can only imagine the experience though,” explained Sophomore Alyson Dominguez.

   On Friday, May 25, 2018, the indie garage-pop band released their long-anticipated single, “Honey,” following their three EPs Gossamer, It Doesn’t Rain in California, and She’s Alright, which were all released last year. The single fits in perfectly with their previous sound, somewhat ethereal and strange, but in a good way. According to Unfazed Magazine,  “The track allows bassist Sterling Gietzen to shine, delving into more of a groovy style. Vocalist Eddy Allen starts the song with intense reverb on the line ‘Boy, you’re a mess,’ which feels dream-like, followed by tasteful autotune which I felt was pretty outside-the-box and grabbed my attention. Drummer Shawn Gardner plays a relatively simple but prominent drum beat that shifts between being laid back with the groovy verses and really setting the tone for the heavier parts of the song” (

   The EP, Gossamer, which is one of my favorites, has a unique mix of tracks that vary from electronic, R&B, and garage punk, to acoustic/indie rock. The single, Gossamer, begins with a catchy melody and moves into authentic vocals with psychedelic sounding instrumentals. I envision this track as the favored because of its catchy and relatable lyrics and the particular combination of sounds. This is one of the bands shorter, more electronic tracks, with funky but consistent and smooth sounds. According to Pure Nowhere, an activism and news blog, “This acoustic piece reminds you of something Kurt Cobain would sing with powerful lyrics, vocals, and instrumentals” (

   I recently had the opportunity to attend a Fashion Jackson concert on January 4. It was at the Che Cafe at University of California San Diego. It was an amazing show, and the crowd that the band attracted, a group of happy and music-centered teens, was even better. It was a truly awesome night to say the least.

     Fashion Jackson is the kind of music that you can blast whether it’s in your room by yourself, just hanging with friends, or during a long drive. I love this band’s dedication to creating new sounds that go outside of the boundaries of all genres, giving the audience a truly unique piece to relate and connect with.

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