Inspiration for Filling the Time in Isolation


courtesy of Hope Denison

Senior Hope Denison passes the time by watching and learning her grandma’s impressive Zumba skills.

Jenna Harper, Editor-in-Chief

   With the repercussions of COVID-19 and the state mandated stay-at-home order interrupting our daily lives, it’s becoming harder and harder to find things to do that are both entertaining and follow the social distancing guidelines. With that being said, here are a couple of creative ideas and solutions to keep yourself busy during these tough times!

   Zoom, the remote conferencing service, has become one of the most valuable outlets we have in terms of staying connected with one another. From “zoom watch parties” to “zoom practices,” there are dozens of ways to use this service to your advantage during quarantine. Business Insider states that you can even use the video-platform to throw parties, and they include tips and tricks regarding managing conversations and picking out the perfect backgrounds ( While we may not be able to gather physically, don’t be afraid to test out the “Zoom Room” in order to reach out and stay connected to friends and family.

   Since you’ve got all this time on your hands, why not hone in on your baking skills and try out some new recipes? From banana bread to chocolate chip cookies, there are thousands of recipes out there just waiting to be followed. Not to mention,  you and your family will appreciate some yummy treats to lift everyone’s spirits.

   Being in the kitchen not really your thing? Get creative in a different way. Maybe you could dust off your old brushes and paint a self portrait. Or, you could take your camera for a walk around the neighborhood and take some photos of your local surroundings — just remember to follow the social distancing guidelines! Whatever creative channel you chose, there’s never been a better time to get involved in something artistic.

   In addition to reviving an old hobby, now is the perfect time to learn something new. Between a never-ending stream of podcasts, online videos, and “distance learning” outlets, there’s no better way to keep yourself busy than learning about the things you’ve always wondered about. From the sciences, to the arts, to everything in between, there is a vast reservoir of knowledge at your disposal to answer all of your burning questions. Let your mind roam free and take in this wonderful learning opportunity.

   Whatever you choose to do to fill the time, just have fun with it. Senior Hope Dension explained, “To keep busy during quarantine, I’ve been eating a lot as well as exercising and gardening. I also watch my grandma dance in the living room for about four hours every day. It’s very entertaining.”

   Whether you bake a cake, have a zoom party, or watch your grandma dance in the living room for four hours, there’s always something to do. These are tough times and as bored as you may be, it’s important to remember we’re all in the same boat and we will get through this, one podcast and one self-portrait at a time.