Music Director Mike Cummins Retires After 41 Years


Band Director Mike Cummins retires after 41 memorable years.

Alison Chang, News Editor

After 41 years of teaching, administrating, and mentoring students, Music Director Mike Cummins will be retiring at the end of the 2010-2011 school year.

After so many years of working, Cummins feels like it is the right time to retire. “Both my wife and I are retiring together. We want to enjoy traveling and spending more time with our four, soon to be five, grandchildren,” said Cummins.

Prior to coming to UC High, Cummins was the San Diego Unified School District Program Manager for Visual and Performing Arts for three years and taught and held administration jobs such as Vice Principal and Assistant Principal at several schools all over California.

Cummins made an impact at UC by creating many programs and opportunities for Centurions interested in music throughout his 11 years at UC. “There was only one band class that represented the entire music department when I first came to UC. Now, our school has a choir program, a jazz ensemble, a marching band, a color guard, and a concert band. There will most likely even be a string orchestra next year.”

Band and Color Guard Member Junior Erin Vedar said, “Mr. Cummins has certainly changed my definition of music over the past three years that I have had him.”

Cummins also said that there are a number of memories that he will look back on, but his best memories are simply of the people he has met. “I had a great time working with so many wonderful students and faculty members,” he explained.

Drum Major Sophomore Bryant Fiesta said, “Despite the hard time we students can give teachers, Mr. Cummins always has the strength to push on and encourage us to improve our music skills and be the best that we can be.”

Cummins said, “I am really happy to see how much the music program at UC has grown. I wish to encourage my students to continue to build on traditions and execute excellent performances.”