Wright Leaves an Everlasting Impact

Pavle Ristic, Sports Editor

Senior Track Athlete Katriina Wright has been impressing sports fans since she was an underclassmen. Now in her senior year, Wright continues to dazzle crowds, culminating in a massive victory on May 7, when Wright posted a time of 54.24 in her 400-meter race at the Arcadia Invitational Track Meet which was good for first in the state and twelfth in the nation.

   Since winning the State Championship in her sophomore season, UC’s top athlete has continued to work tirelessly in order to remain at the pinnacle of California Track and Field. “Track is something which you really have to dedicate yourself to. If your performance isn’t where you want it to be you have no one else to blame but yourself,” said Wright. Senior Track Teammate Kilee Horner praised Wright’s incredible work ethic: “While everyone else is resting or taking time off, Katriina is out-working them. She works incredibly hard.”

   Wright has not let anything stand in her way, even losing her whole junior season didn’t phase her. “Now more than ever I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to compete and race,” said Wright. Senior Boys Track Captain Harrison Hansen shared his admiration for Wright: “She stayed ready throughout the time that no one knew what was going to happen. When other people took time off, she was focused on her goals and working to achieve them.”

   Despite having a top national time, what defines Wright is the impact she has outside of competition. Hansen said, “Her energy is infectious; she uplifts everyone all the time. She’s the perfect teammate.” Senior Track Athlete Wesley Clarkson added, “Having Katriina around is motivation to do your best. You watch her working hard and you feel like you have to match her. The whole team benefits from having her with us.”

   “A true team captain,” said Head Coach John Hutsel, who was not shy in praising Wright: “She’s everything a coach could ask for, a real leader who does everything right. She has been that way from the start, the archetype for a great athlete.” Clarkson said, “She’s an extension of Coach. She keeps everyone in line and makes sure we’re working hard.”

   Wright continually asserts that the track community is a family, and her teammates most definitely feel the love. Hansen said, “Honestly, I have just enjoyed having Katriina as my teammate so much. She spreads joy and is just incredible to be around. She’s definitely improved my career and experience.” Clarkson echoed his sentiment, “She’s a great person, really not much more you can ask for. Seeing her achieve the heights she has and working hard alongside her is a great feeling.”

    People always talk about what kind of legacy one leaves as one chapter of life leads to another, things like accomplished goals and general self-satisfaction. As Wright wraps up her final season at UC High and prepares to head to the University of Oregon to continue her track career, she has most certainly left no room for debate as to the significance of her legacy in the track and field program, and UC High as a whole.