From the Editor in Chief… Antonia’s “Fake News” a column


Antonia Le, Editor-in-Chief

By the time this is out, I’ll have less than two months left of senior year. Everything is coming at full speed: Disneyland, graduation, and scariest of all, Prom.

   I know it’s irrational for a senior to be afraid of Prom, but let’s be real: if you’re reading this column, you’re not expecting me to be rational. You’re expecting humor.

   So here’s the thing: I’m not a dancer. I’ve gone to two Homecomings. At both, all my friends danced while I pigged out on free food. I’m not proud, though I do have to commend ASB for providing some damn good cupcakes.

   Yet, I still want to go to Prom. I want to take pretty pictures, wear a pretty dress, and feel like a pretty princess. And, I want a date.

   Frankly, I’d be okay with eating cupcakes in the corner and marveling at ASB’s organizational skills again, but I think I’d want a date to do it with me. I’d even be okay with my date abandoning me for another girl, because then I could pull a Taylor Swift and write a hit song about my heartbreak.

   But mostly, I just want to feel wanted, at least for a while.

   Here’s something you don’t get unless you’ve been the perpetually single friend: it sucks being the perpetually single friend. When all of your friends are getting asked out, and no one has ever professed their love for you, it kinda messes with your head.

   You start wondering if there’s a reason why no one likes you. You start wondering if there is something inherently wrong with you. Saddest of all, you start wondering if nothing happens for you now, then when will it happen? Are you just destined to be alone forever?

   I know it’s stupid to get hung up on this, and I’d be totally fine with just going to Prom with my friends, but I can’t help but want a date. I’ve long since accepted that I’ll never have the teen movie experience, but I had always held out hope that I’d have this one thing. I hoped that somebody would like me, and in ten years, when I look back, I can say that I mattered to someone.

   I know I could just easily ask someone, but I don’t know who would say yes if I asked. I’ve had crushes all throughout my high school career, but I’m not sure if any of them could stand spending Prom with me. Besides, I’ve always wanted to get one of those big asks.

   I don’t want comfort, though. I don’t want anyone to give me advice and tell me everything will be okay. I want someone to understand.

   Though, I wouldn’t necessarily mind pity if it took the form of a Promposal. If anyone out there feels like rectifying an extreme injustice and wants to pity ask me, you can never go wrong with funny posters, or balloons, or stuffed animals. I think I’d like a pig or turtle, but I’m not picky.

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