Alex Churness Keeps His Team Churning for Success

Emma Truchan, Staff Writer

To be an outstanding teammate, one must have the athletic ability as well as a positive attitude. Senior Alex Churness of the UC High Boys Soccer Team is the epitome of both of these traits, and demonstrates them on the field.

   “He has certain qualities that the team cannot live without,” said Senior Connor McCabe.

   According to a website providing school sports team statistics, Churness leads the team in goals-per-game and has been awarded Player of the Game on multiple occasions (

   “He gets goals. Good goals. He’s also one of our fastest players, giving us a big advantage,” said Senior George Kinshofer.

   Churness doesn’t just lead in statistics; he guides the team as a captain through his strong leadership and uplifting personality. “I would describe Alex as a very encouraging and helpful teammate. I’m the youngest on the team, and he’s given me a lot of helpful pieces of advice. He also scores about half of our goals,” said Freshman Jack Amos admiringly. “He always has such a positive attitude at practices, and he brings it to our games as well,” Amos continued. Churness’s animated personality supports the team by bringing spirit and enthusiasm.

   “He’s funny and a very generous person. He’s just a great guy and an incredibly impactful player on our team,” said McCabe. “He also looks great in tight clothes,” McCabe added jokingly.

   Churness has been an avid soccer player since the age of five, perfecting his skills during club season, during which he plays for clubs such as Notts and Albion. “My favorite part about playing for school is that, since many of us don’t play together during the club season, I have the opportunity to play and compete with many of my friends,” said Churness.

   Churness explained that his love for athletics comes from watching his older brother play sports throughout his childhood. Following in his brother’s footsteps, Churness became interested in soccer, and has since excelled in the sport. His teammates such as Amos and Kinshofer consider his athleticism and skill “nearly god-like.”

   Churness is looking forward to a successful season to end his high-school soccer career, and has a promising future ahead of him. “I hope to continue my record of scoring a goal per game. My individual goals are to make first team all-League again, first team CIF, and league MVP. I’m currently committed to play Division 1 Soccer at University of San Diego.” Churness has hopes to play after college as well. But for now, he is determined to make his final high-school season a great one.