Denver Bronco Tim Patrick Donates to Renovate School Weight Room



Senior Wyatt Lange using the old equipment in the weight room.

Tara Djordjevic, Features Editor

  UC High students will be able to enjoy new equipment in the weight room on campus as soon as the beginning of the next school year, according to Athletic Director David Asuncion.

   The cost of the new equipment was covered by a donation made by NFL Football Player Timothy Patrick, a former student at UC High who is now a wide receiver for the Denver Broncos. Patrick graduated from UC High in 2011, and went on to play for Grossmont College, and afterward the University of Utah. Upon graduating from college, Patrick was signed to the Broncos in 2017, according to the National Football League website ( Patrick said, “I just wanted to do something positive for a school that made me the man I am today. So you guys can thank Hutsel and Stonebreaker.”

   Campus Security and Track and Field Coach John Hutsel coached Patrick while he played football during his time at UC High. Hutsel said, “Patrick spent lots of time in the weight room as a student. He was very dedicated to football and was a strong player overall, also while participating in basketball and track. I think that one of the reasons Patrick donated the money was because of how valuable the weight room was to him. Having grown up in the UC community, Patrick was fond of UC High and the people who attended, which contributed to his donation.”

   “UC has been a part of my life, from my dad (who ran track and played football for UC) to my little sister. It’s a place that I will forever be thankful for, from my friends, teachers, coaches, and everything I achieved there. I am trying to leave a legacy for my family [by donating],” stated Patrick.

   Patrick’s donation was made at the end of December 2022, and equipment was ordered for the school at the beginning of March 2023. The equipment itself was ordered from Rogue Fitness, which, according to the company’s website, is, “…the official equipment supplier of the CrossFit Games, USA Weightlifting, the Arnold Strongman Classic, and the World’s Strongest Man competition” ( 

   The package is expected 12 to 18 weeks after the initial order, which is the reason for the delay time, said Asuncion. Some of the new equipment students can expect include new medicine balls, kettlebells, and dumbbells, ranging in weight from 9 to 90 pounds. The donation covers the cost of new appliances as well, such as squat racks (which come with weight plates ranging from 2.5 to 45 pounds), bench presses, pull-up bars, and a Trolley 2.0 and Lever Arm Kit (a unique rack whose design allows users to perform a variety of exercises including everything from lunges to deadlifts).

   The donation will not go towards remodeling or repainting the weight room, and will be focused wholly on the implementation of new equipment for students.  

   Many of the students who frequent the weight room during school hours are excited to be able to reap the benefits of new equipment as soon as next school year. Sophomore Rin Wolfe frequented the room the previous school year as a part of her training for track, and now continues to use it during her Physical Education class. Wolfe said, “There isn’t really one thing that I solely focus on at all times, I like to use all the machines equally.” She is glad to hear about the new equipment, as she believes “… some of the machines can be replaced because they are on the older side.”

   Physical Education Teacher Jason Quillin is glad to see new equipment making its way to the weight room. “I use the weight room often as a Physical Education Teacher, and am thankful that my students will be able to utilize brand new equipment, given that the current equipment is worn out from all its use,” said Quillin.