Zerr Commands Softball Field

Hope Shaw, Features Editor

   Senior Ellie Zerr turns the saying “work hard play hard” into reality on the softball field, giving her all at practice and double the effort during games. With an extensive softball career of ten years, outstanding teamwork skills, and excellent leadership, Zerr is the perfect Athlete of the Month.

   “I think that it is quite kind and meaningful that I was selected for this achievement, but any hard working athlete is deserving of this,” said Zerr. While she may be humble, don’t let that fool you, Zerr’s presence on her team is imperative. One of the best catchers on her team, Zerr spends the majority of games behind the home plate receiving balls from the pitcher.

Senior Dalia Powell has known Zerr for about eight years. “Ellie leads the field as our catcher and always calls out the plays to keep everyone on track. She also leads cheers in the dugout,” said Powell.

   Head Varsity Softball Coach Kelsey Jenkins said, “Ellie is an exceptional catcher and has helped the team in the shortstop position this season. Ellie has a strong bat and has been helping out the offense in the batting line up.” She continued, “As one of the team captains she leads by example on the field with her hard work and positive voice.”

   For Zerr, softball is more than just a sport; it’s a time to forget the worries of the outside world and focus on doing something she loves. “Softball has been my escape from real life. Every time I’m on the field I get to separate any outside conflict and clear my mind,” said Zerr. “I’ve watched Ellie overcome the challenge of getting out of her own head. I think that’s the hardest part of our sport and she does a great job of overcoming it,” said Powell.

   Jenkins said, “Ellie is a great leader, from the start of the season Ellie has led by example. She is on time to practice, works hard, includes everyone on the team, and has a positive voice in practice to encourage others.”

   One of the most difficult things about being a student-athlete is finding time to complete all responsibilities, especially when playing a sport as time-consuming as softball. “Balancing school and softball is not an easy task. Organization and perseverance go into the behind the scenes of a student athlete,” said Zerr.

   Playing a sport can be a great way to make friends and also learn important social skills, such as leadership and time management. Zerr has learned many things from playing softball. She said, “My favorite thing about playing softball is the direct relation it has to everyday interactions and leadership. The game teaches you more than merely a sport; it teaches how to lead effectively and be a good person.”

   “The players look up to Ellie as a player and a person, whether in the huddle before a game or practice she is hyping up the girls and supporting them when needed.  Ellie includes everyone in the team whether it’s a first year freshman or one of her fellow seniors,” said Jenkins.

    As a senior in high school, Zerr plans to go on to play softball as part of her college career. “I am committed to play softball at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia,” said Zerr. According to the Emory Athletics wesbite, “Emory University competes at the NCAA Division III level” (emoryathletics.com).