Track and Field Sprints to Achieve Many New Meet Records


Isabella Escamilla

Senior Lauren Endaya jumping during pole vaulting practice.

Isabella Escamilla, Sports Editor

The UC High Track and Field Team’s strong teamwork brings them one step closer to victory, competing both for individual and team improvement.

  Practices were held for track during sixth period and until 5:30 p.m. every weekday. Every week, athletes put in between 15 to 20 hours of hard work. “Go in with an attitude set on getting you and your teammates better. That’s all anyone can ask for. The rest is up to you,” said Junior Jacob Sky.

   There is a track and field event for all sports-bound students. From long jump to sprint races, students have a wide variety of options to choose from. Track is a more independent sport, showing a student’s individual performance. “Part of my decision to compete was wanting to find a more individualized sport where everything comes down to me and how I perform. Another part of it is the track community. Our coaches and our athletes are there everyday to get better and to push each other to their limits, then push a little harder,” said Sky.

   “I am able to see improvement in the times I get a following race,” said Junior Michael Wagner. Meets are a main part of why student athletes love track. One can compete in many different events such as hurdles, pole vault, and various races, depending on their individual strengths and weaknesses.

   “In track I get better by competing with myself and others to get even a little faster or jump a little further to get a new PR (personal record),” said Junior Chaya Scott. She believes that it can cause someone to gain a boost by pushing themself to the limit.

    Many athletes have many favorite events as well as some dislikes because of their personal preferences. “The pole vaulters are the hardest because that looks super hard and not a lot of people are able to do what they do,” said Scott.

  There are 16 different events, and the most popular is probably the 100 meter sprint. Wagner stated,  “I believe that the 100m sprint is the most popular, due to the simplicity of the event.” Scott added, “The 100m is probably the most popular because a lot of people do it and it is the shortest distance,” said Scott.

   “Leg strength and being conditioned are important physical aspects of being a faster runner. Consistency and perseverance allows the runner to both see positive change and work through any hardships for their improvement,” said Sky. Track requires plenty of hard work and dedication. It’s not only running – lots of conditioning is needed.

   Wagner added, “Strength and conditioning are very important because they are a great foundation to build upon. Great technique is useless if your body does not have the physical capacity to match it.”

   Skill refinement can be perceived in a variety of ways. Sky explained, “Improvement can be seen in faster times but also having a better feeling at the end of a run. Being able to just feel that you ran faster or that you’ve gone longer than you did the previous week is still a sign of improvement.”

   Injuries are a notable risk of the sport. “Make sure your body stays healthy and accept the aches that come with your hard work,” mentioned Sky. Eating healthy meals along with staying consistent during break days are key to success.

   “For anybody, the hardest thing would be showing up to practice. You get better constantly, but the hard part is doing it every day.” said Sky.  “I know I have to work everyday to achieve my goals, and it’s the least that I can do for the people around me that do the same.”

  Scott said, “The 2023 team is surrounded by great coaches and people that support the team. There are ots of hard working individuals that also know how to have a lot of fun.”