Prieto Dedicated to Helping Others


Hope Shaw, Features Editor

   Originally from the Philippines, Senior Ashton Prieto has been playing Badminton nearly all his life, and is a promising new addition to UC High’s Badminton Team.

   Having been at the school for less than a year, people have already noticed Prieto’s mastery of the sport. In addition to being nationally ranked in the Philippines, Badminton Coach Pratipat Mallawong said he comes with an impressive resume.

   Prieto has been playing Badminton for ten years, over half his life. “My brother was the first one to play Badminton,” said Prieto. “He invited me and my friends. Originally we tried it for fun, but then we saw a group of people training who were very good. I knew I wanted to be as good as them.” He has been devoted to the sport and constantly improving ever since.

   Sophomore Kyla Bach talked about how Ashton and she became friends through Badminton. “Some of my favorite memories with Ashton would be when my friend, Junior Hailey Do, myself, and him hang out,” said Bach.

   Being new to a school comes with its own set of challenges. However, Prieto has met a multitude of friends through his sport. “I adjusted pretty fast to the school. Badminton actually helped. My first friends here I met in badminton. Even before transferring to UC High, I knew some people from badminton. They helped me a lot,” said Prieto.

   “Ashton struck me as a genuine, down to earth person the first time I met him. He has achieved a high level of performance only possible by putting in long hours of hard work over many, many years,” said Mallawong.

   “Ashton’s been playing badminton since he was little and he’s basically pro and just moved to the school,” said Bach. It goes without saying that Prieto is dedicated to his sport. With years of practice and accomplishments, badminton is most definitely his passion.

       “One of my main role models was my senior teammate [from the Philippines] Jason,” said Prieto. “He was disciplined. Every day he went to training, and he got good grades as well. Eventually he came to play on a national team in the Philippines.”

    “Ashton has definitely helped me by carrying me through matches because he was my mixed partner,” said Bach. According to a dictionary website, “In some sports, like badminton, mixed doubles is a match in which a man and a woman play as partners against another man and woman” (

   “He is friendly and willing to share with his teammates what he has learned over the years of intense training he has gone through,” said Mallawong.

   In fact, Mallawong commented on the example Prieto sets. “He is a role model to the entire team because of his ability and skill level,” said Mallawong. He added, “Ashton is definitely fitting for the role of University City High’s Male Athlete of the Month.” Prieto is a supperb addition to the UC High Badminton Team and the school. Welcome!