Winter Baseball Swings into Spring to Defeat Their New Division Rivals


Senior Curran Bledsoe starting pitches during a game against El Camino High

Isabella Escamilla, Sports Editor

Players always need plenty of practice and dedication in order for a team to succeed, a piece of knowledge that the UC High Winter Baseball Team has surely put to good use. Through extended practice, the team finds more ways to accomplish their goals, putting twice the hard work into the sport.

   “Our winter baseball is a preparation for our spring season, which is the official CIF sport,” said Head Varsity Coach Richard Frink. Although this “winter ball” may not be an official CIF sport, it helps bring together the team and start creating a strong foundation for the actual season. “We have a club League that allows us to get in shape, play games, and practice before the spring season starts,” said Frink.

   Many players tend to participate in this winter program. It helps many baseball players get on track for the competitive period by testing their knowledge and teaching them how to compete against many other skill levels they will face. “We get more gametime experience to help us learn more about the game and what to do in each scenario,” said Junior Captain Jack Clark.

   Clark, along with fellow co-captains Junior Garret Gillum and Senior Carter Henderson, all manage to make sure everyone is focused during both practices and games, as well as helping their teammates when they’re down.

   “Winter baseball is about working together and having fun to prepare for spring,” said Sophomore Marviel Underwood. “It allows [players] to practice and play against other teams, to get their arm strength up and their timing down, as it’s big for baseball,” said Frink.

   This extended season also allows the players to get to know each other better. “Everyone on the team gets along really well, ” said Clark.

“I really enjoy playing with the guys on this team. We have made an unbreakable bond over the past year and it feels good to know my brothers have my back,” said Underwood.

   “I’m excited for spring. We dropped a Division, which is a lot better for us. We were in Division 2 last year and played against really good teams that we struggled against,” said Frink.

   “Our goal for our spring season is to win League. If we achieve this, our season will have been far better than both last years’ and the year before that because we didn’t even get close to winning our League,” said Clark.

   The winter team practices everyday, Monday through Friday from 2:30 to 5:00 p.m. From spending time in the weight room for conditioning to practicing in the field and cages, these dedicated players are committed to winning.