Cintrón “Nightmare” to Opponents


Hope Shaw, Features Editor

   Senior Carlo Cintrón Senturia has proved his dedication to the sport of soccer by being a constant source of motivation, positivity, and leadership for his team.

   “I started playing soccer when I was three, and began playing club when I was eight years old,” said Cintrón. At UC High, he began as a freshman on the  Junior Varsity Team, and joined the Varsity Team his sophomore year.

   “Carlo has been dynamic and dangerous every time he’s stepped onto the pitch this season. He leads our attack and his ability to take defenders on with skill and speed has caused havoc for the opposition. If he continues to be this dangerous he’s going to give defenders nightmares the rest of the season,” said Varsity Soccer Coach Chris Tolles.

   “I’m trying to be the same father figure to the younger teammates as the older ones were to me when I first started out,” said Cintrón. “Throughout the years, my older teammates have always been there for me even when I was new as a freshman or a sophomore. Especially this year, I feel like all our teammates have trust in us [upperclassmen] since we’re seniors,” he added.

   “Carlo is by far the fastest player on the team. His speed is crazy. He’s really technical, and his passing abilities are just off the charts,” said Senior Marty Todorov, who has known Cintrón for about five years. Cintrón is not only amazing at scoring goals, he also sets his teammates up for success, having over fourteen assists this season.

   “Carlo has worked very hard over the years. The biggest jump has been from his junior year to this season. In the off season, he spent time in the weight room getting stronger and faster and it has shown,” said Tolles.

    One example of Cintrón never-ending support of his teammates and dedication to his sport is a game played on January 3 against Helix Charter High School.

   “In our game against Helix, I had five assists to all my friends and that was a really special game for me. I was able to support my teammates by passing them the ball and helping them score goals,” said Cintrón.

   “Carlo has become more of a leader on the field. This year, he has stepped into a leadership role and has led the team not only by example, but by pushing the team to improve every day,” said Tolles.

  “When we started the League, I really wanted us to work hard and come together, which we have done this season,” said Cintrón. Cintrón’s goals and achievements are made all the more impressive by the fact that the team plays in Division 1 against some of the toughest competitors in San Diego.

   “Since the beginning of the season, I feel like I’ve become more positive, even if things don’t go our way,” said Cintrón.

   “Carlo is great with his teammates! He always has a smile on his face and never takes anything too seriously. He knows when his teammates need a laugh to brighten up their day,” said Tolles. Tolles added, “He is very positive with his teammates, but also pushes them to play to their highest level.”

   Clearly, Cintrón has earned his accolades and accomplishments far beyond the title of Male Athlete of the Month.