Barman Dedicates Herself to Team


Sevilla Tovar, Editor-In-Chief

   No matter what happens in the heat of a game of the Girls Water Polo Team, there will always be one cool-headed athlete planning their next move. In and out of the water, Varsity Captain Senior Natalie Barman is both a commendable athlete and considerate friend. Through her skill in the game and kind nature, she is an undeniably important member of the team.

   One of the reasons why Barman plays so well is because of the amount of time she’s dedicated to the sport. According to Barman herself, she’s been playing for over nine years. Junior Maggie Prell said, “She’s very knowledgeable about the game. It’s very clear that she puts a lot of effort into what she does.” Her knowledge about the sport has led her team to success countless times. Prell said, “Natalie plays guard, so she leads everybody in the game. When we’re going to take a shot on goal, she’s always there to direct us and tell us what our best move is.”

   Team Coach Kelsey Blacker shared the sentiment. She said, “As an experienced player, she is able to share her knowledge with her teammates to keep the team improving and moving forward.”

   Barman is a very consistent player, and it shows in her outstanding performance. Barman said, “I believe the most important thing when playing a sport is your devotion to it. Practicing and getting game experience is one of the most crucial aspects to improvement.”

   Senior Alexia Merlene said, “Natalie and I have been playing together for three years. What makes her such a skilled player is her commitment to the sport and her communication with our teammates, especially during our games.”

   Prell said, “Over winter break, there were only a few people who regularly showed up to practices. Natalie was one of them. She never made excuses or took a break. She’s very dedicated to playing her best at all times.”

   Barman’s love for the game extends past simply playing, as she uses the sport to escape from a long day. She said, “One thing that keeps bringing me back to the sport is how it gives me a healthy outlet to deal with daily stress. Water polo gives me time after school to decompose and collect my thoughts before I’m doing homework.”

       In addition to her skills in the sport, Barman is able to connect well with the team, driving the players to develop and grow. Prell said, “The first thing I noticed about her was how funny and kind she was. She exudes ‘I’m a good person’ energy. She will make you laugh and motivate you to be the best that you can be.” She added, “She really does believe in her teammates. She has a lot of faith in our team.”

   Merlene said, “Natalie is an extremely positive person, and overall a great friend.”

   Although this is Barman’s last season here at University City High, her tremendous effort does not go unnoticed by her teammates or her coach. Blacker said, “It’s fantastic that Natalie is Female Athlete of the Month. I hope she feels as proud as I’m sure the team, myself, and her family are of her capabilities.”