Girls Golf Puts in the Work and Wins this Year’s League Championship


Gustavo Damian Danemann Soto

Junior Paula Danemann Soto practicing her swing at Balboa Park Golf Course.

Vanessa Jaquish, Staff Writer

   The Girls Golf Team is back this season, and aims to shoot further than ever.

   Senior Captain Isa Delgadillo said, “The team has been doing really well. My favorite part of the season so far has definitely been seeing all of the improvements of each and every girl on the team.”

   The team frequently practices at Tecolote Canyon Golf Course, a world-recognized spot for golf professionals and enthusiasts alike. Sophomore Isa Neri described a usual practice as a mix of range work, chipping, and putting.

   Junior Paula Danemann Soto said, “The coach will split us into groups to work on both long distance shots at the driving range, and short game at the chipping and putting area. Most players focus on only one aspect of their game, depending on their weak point at matches.”

   “As a team, we’ve gone through many learning aspects of golf together, especially with the teammates that I played with last year. We’ve all experienced learning curves in golf, which has brought us closer together as we improve,” Danemann said. “We are definitely doing a lot better this year,” Neri said.

   Coach Gail Hall, who has been coaching for about 13 years, expressed her happiness regarding the team winning the Eastern League Championship. She said, “This season we are back on track after losing all my team to seniors two years ago. I now have a core of six players who are getting better and better.” The team only lost one of their 12 games.

   Hall said, “Highlights from this season so far have been watching players get under 50 [hits to finish the course] and making me so proud!” She added, “These girls are awesome. Very positive, energetic, and fun, so coaching them is really enjoyable. They all seem to enjoy the sport and get along very well.”

      Danemann said, “To me, the main highlight of golf is the vast array of shot possibilities one has to attempt based on skill and course layout. With up to 14 clubs in a golf bag, each player can find what works best for them to approach the green in the most effective way possible.”

      The team got a surprise when they were at a match at Torrey Pines on September 26. Many of the team members expressed their excitement at getting the chance to see former President Barack Obama. They said it was an opportunity of a lifetime and an unbelievable experience.

   Danemann said, “We’ve always joked about the possibility of seeing public figures at Torrey Pines, but we never expected it to be somebody as important as Obama. We heard the news as we were warming up and everyone started trying to spot him. It was perfect timing for us since we were teeing up on the first hole as he was playing the eighteenth right next to us.”

  To Delgadillo, “Golf is all about having fun, being outside, and having the opportunity to play at the Torrey Pines course. Being the team captain has been a great way for me to get experience in a leadership role.”

   Whether sharpening their swings, breaking their score records or facing a new rival, the Girls Golf Team always spots their next sight with eagle-eye precision and a sunny outlook.