Badminton is Determined to Make it Far This Season

Salma Rojas, Staff Writer

   The UC High Badminton Team started off the season hot, with an impressive three consecutive wins to go under their belt.

   With a whopping 13 seniors, the team is determined to give it their all to make it to the playoffs. Seniors Kayla Van and Anver Chou were chosen to be captains and to help prepare and teach the future of the UC High Badminton Team.

   With the sport requiring both boys and girls to play with each other, Senior Jasmine Nguyen commented, “Being a coed team is fun as we have a big team and players get to meet others with a range of different personalities.”

   Van said, “Coed is fun. There are different perspectives of the sport, and it is exciting to play with the opposite gender.” Senior Connor Poon added, “Being a coed team is unique compared to other sports.”

   Playing the sport since he was a kid, Chou has the responsibility to teach the newer players what to work on and improve their skills before he graduates. Chou said, “As captain of the team, I have to set an example for my teammates, especially for all the first year students since most of our team are rookies.”

   The Badminton Team’s primary goal is to win as many games and tournaments as possible. They work really hard, practicing every day for two hours. Van added that her main goal is to “…rebuild the team and set a good foundation for the rookies and JV.”

   Badminton uses various techniques depending on where they are on the court. The team first warms up and then starts drills to make these techniques a habit. The training helps the players practice and improve their in-game performance. Knowing where one is positioned is very important in the game. Frontcourt, midcourt, and rearcourt are all different areas which require players to play differently.

   The team also practices formations for playing doubles; the most common position includes one player in the frontcourt while the other is in the backcourt on the opposite side. When playing singles, they use a variety of shots to get their opponent moving. Poon said, “We prepare for matches through mostly drilling at practices to perfect our shots and gain knowledge to increase our game sense.”

   Poon said, “Being able to meet and challenge players from other schools is my favorite thing about badminton, and I enjoy being able to play tricks against my opponents too.” Players use what they have learned to outplay their opponents in games.

   From past experiences, to watching professional badminton players play, Van, Poon, and Nguyen grew a love for the sport. Poon said, “My family and relatives always played badminton, which intrigued me. Then watching pro players like Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan inspired me to become a better player.”