Girls Lacrosse Works Hard to be the Best


photo courtesy of Sam Hanaki

Sophomore Grace Doolittle shooting a goal againts five defenders at Sage Creek High.

Salma Rojas, Staff Writer

The University City Girls Lacrosse Team has high hopes and is working hard to accomplish their goals for the season. 

   With returning Coach Mark Reinhardt and added Head Coach Lizzy Des Enfants, the team is ready to improve the foundation of the program. In addition to the coaching, Seniors Joelle Fineman, Alyssa Parinas, and Meilene Hanaki are prepared to fill the roles of captains to guide and set good examples for the rest of the team. 

   Head Coach Lizzy Des Enfants played lacrosse for twelve years and has been coaching for eight. Her first coaching job was for a middle school lacrosse team. Des Enfants’ goal this season is to make sure that her players improve as people. She said, “I want to ensure our girls become not just great players, but great teammates, and even better people.” Des Enfants loves her job as she gets to play the sport she loves daily. She said, “I love that I get to spread that joy to everyone on our Girls Lacrosse Team.”

   The team has set its sights on a League Championship and a CIF run. Des Enfants said, “We will accomplish this by playing hard, beating expectations, and having fun!”

   With the determination to become better lacrosse players, Parinas said, “In lacrosse, there is always something to learn and improve on. There is no such thing as enough defensive or skill practice, and it makes practices exciting.”

   Senior Captain Meilene Hanaki added, “This year, we will have our feet under us in terms of organization, skill, and community.” By having practice everyday for two hours, the Girls Lacrosse Team aims to improve tremendously.

     Captains Parinas, Fineman, and Hanaki shared that being a leader takes a great deal of responsibility. Parinas said, “You have to be a role model for your teammates by setting a good example.” Taking initiative and counting on accountability are critical factors of modeling good behavior and attitude for their teammates. 

   To improve team chemistry, the Girls Lacrosse Team has done activities other than just playing lacrosse. The girls have had a team breakfast, played ultimate frisbee, and participated in ice breakers. 

   Fineman stated, “We are growing as a team, and we are getting better at trusting one another.” Parinas continued, “I am positive that we will only continue to grow, and it will show on the field.”

   Des Enfants said, “Our season is going great! We have improved so much but still have a long way to go. We are learning from our mistakes and getting better every day.”

  The Girls Lacrosse Team starts off practice with warm-up laps and shuttles which utilize the simple aspects of lacrosse. Picking up a ground ball and using the correct technique to pass, improves their fundamentals in lacrosse. Defense works on communication, practicing pressuring the offense and zone coverage. Offense focusses on placement and techniques of shots on goal. Learning different “plays” can be used effectively during a game which can counter the other team’s defense. When practice is coming to an end, defense and offense scrimmage each other to reflect on what they have worked on during practice