UC High Soccer Team Works to Improve

Miguel Saez, Staff Writer

The UC High Boys Soccer Team is putting their all into this season after their first ever Open Division playoff run last year.

   According to a high school sports statistics website, the Centurions are off to a shaky start with a record of four wins, five losses, and two draws. Senior Forward Hung Ho said, “We’re off to a slow start, but I have faith in our team. Going from undefeated to numerous losses in a row showed us how much we need to get better. Over Thanksgiving and Winter Break we’ve come together more as a team, putting in the work to try and improve in the areas where we are lacking” (maxpreps.com). 

   The team isn’t only looking to improve on the field but off the field as well. They’ve been trying to create a different atmosphere on the pitch. Senior Ivan Rojas said, “Last year with COVID, and not being able to spend as much time together off of the field, we were a little down as a team.” Rojas continued, “The chemistry this year is way better than last year, and that’s something which we have really worked on. We’re all really trying to come together to accomplish the goal we set for ourselves, which is to win a CIF championship. Yeah, the play itself has been a little rocky along the way but it’s nothing we can’t fix.”

   The Centurions are taking things one step at a time, not looking too far ahead. They are completely focused on what they can do now to improve and help them reach their goals. Senior Colin Banta said, “Obviously the main goal is to win CIF but we’re taking things step by step. Our first goal is to really fully come together. We need each other to win League even if we’re playing in one of the toughest Leagues in San Diego. Further down the line there is CIF, but we’re not looking too far ahead. We’re staying present and improving now which will help us out later on.” Senior Amadu Tadesse agreed, “The main goal for our season right now is to win League. After that, wherever we get seeded in the playoffs we’ll go from there, but we always want to win every game.”

   The team’s coaching definitely helps the team thrive in it’s own way. Players have nothing but nice things to say about the coaching staff. Senior Hung Ho said, “Our coaching is always great. I love my coaches. They’re always there for us and never give up on us. They always push us to be the best we can be no matter how hard times get. They’re just always there with a positive mindset which I think helps out the team tremendously.”