Varsity Soccer Kicks Season Into High Gear

Alyssa Haris , Staff Writer

The UC High Girls Soccer Team is looking forward to this upcoming season, especially with last season being postponed due to Covid-19. 

   Last season, the Centurions finished with an overall record of 7-6-2. They also played in the CIF Quarterfinals according to a high school sports statistics website (

   Most players found it difficult to practice during Covid. Senior Taylor Segal said, “Covid was different because we weren’t at school, but we were still able to play sports.” Senior Riley Wilder added, “Last season was good but kinda weird because of Covid. It was short but everyone always had fun out there. It’s like a big family.” Wilder continued, “Practicing during Covid was weird, because we had to wear masks and stay far away from each other. As it kept going, it got less and less strict so it became more normal.”

   Karbar said, “Our program is for sure attitude based. We’re big on respect and attitude but also skilled based too.” Segal added, “I think it’s more attitude based, because we’ve had previous players with bad attitudes and it didn’t go so well. It definitely caused drama within our team.” Segal continued, “We didn’t lose too many players this year and there’s a lot of seniors this year, and we were all used to playing with each other.”

   Regarding their most memorable games, Karber said, “Christian High School is definitely going to be a tough game this year.” Segal added on, “Some good teams we played against last year were La Jolla and High Tech. Clairemont was also a fun game.” Wider said, “Normally we like playing OLP [Our Lady of Peace], but we don’t play them this year. So probably Serra or Mira Mesa.” Wilder added, “Playing Clairmont is always fun because we know everyone there. Also playing Point Loma because our coach knows players over there.”

   Wilder said, this year, “I think the star players will probably be Alleah [Wasserteil] and Jada.” Segal added, “Last season was pretty much the same players starting every game.” Karber added, “Taylor Segal and Riley Wilder. They’re definitely the two studs on the team.”