UCHS Girls Varsity Golf Looks Towards The Future


Courtesy of Alexis Suazo

Freshman Tinotenda Feremenga follows through on her shot at Torrey Pines Golf Course.

Nadia Fadlu-Deen, Staff Writer

The UC High Girls’ Golf Team worked hard during a rebuilding year and is looking forward to what the future holds. 

   “I enjoyed golf the most when I saw improvement in myself,” said Junior Captain Isabel Delgadillo. “I would say in the end we all improved and with all the practice we got, and all the matches we played, we came out to be a very good team.”

   Delgadillo expressed that she enjoyed playing with the team despite having a rocky start to the season with very few people wanting to join the team. “I’d say our overall season went better than I expected it to. We came in with a bunch of freshmen and I didn’t know what I was getting into,” said Delgadillo. 

   The team recently went to a tournament to wrap up the season, where their teamwork was the best it had ever been up to that point. Delgadillo said, “I would say Isa Neri is a key player, because you can tell she is very passionate about the sport and she makes sure our heads are always in the right state to play to the very best of our ability.” Delgadillo expressed that next season, the team will look to see a massive improvement in their skills and will come back stronger.

   “I’d say we wrapped up very well even with our slow start. Despite that, I think we have had amazing improvement among the team,” said Coach Gail Hall. “It was a rebuilding year, because I started with no players, and I was very pessimistic to start, when only two players showed up. I thought that was it, but a couple weeks later more people walked in and hope was restored.” She shared that even though there might have been a smaller turnout this year, she expects big things for next year. 

   The Golf Team’s senior night was their last match at their home course. “I predict we’re gonna win the League next year. We came off winning the League for three years then we got third place this year, but we are gonna get back on top,” said Hall. Hall expressed that rebuilding the team with all new players coming off League Champions was a hard task but she believes that next year they will be a strong force.

   “Our games at Torrey Pines were always so much fun, and playing there was an experience of its own,” said Freshman Tinotenda Feremenga. “The practices were a highlight of the golf season as it helped the team bond and improve our skills. Helping everyone improve this year was our main focus, but as they went down each week we became hopeful to win League and, although that didn’t happen, at least we know we can definitely do it next year.” 

   A third place finish is nothing to hang one’s head at, especially during a rebuilding year. With that in mind, the team ended the season happy, content, and looking towards the future.