Parinas Dedicated To Improve

Shaun Rabot, Sports Editor

Senior Alyssa Parinas has been getting buckets and stops for the UC High Girls Basketball Team since her sophomore year.

   Parinas started playing basketball when she was very young. She said, “I started playing recreational basketball when I was in preschool but only for a year. This was because I wanted to try other sports. Then, in middle school I decided to join my school’s Basketball Team and we were surprisingly good. This made me want to improve and continue playing basketball in high school.”

   Parinas is often commended for her amazing defense. Last season, Parinas averaged 1.2 steals a game according to a high school sports statistics website ( Junior Pohainani Basso praised her saying, “She is one of the quickest on the team which really helps us disrupt the opposing team’s offense and get steals.” Senior Christine Chehadeh agreed with Basso saying, “Alyssa is great at reading the defense which ultimately helps us get stops.”

    Parinas has put in countless hours while working to stay in shape for the upcoming season. “During the off season, I would often go on runs throughout my neighborhood and workout after school. I would also compete in tournaments all year with my Lacrosse Team which keeps me in running shape,” Parinas shared.

   Not only is she striving to get better during the off season, but she also makes sure to give it her all during practice. Basso said, “Something that stands out about her is her dedication to improve. During every practice, she is always giving 110 percent of her effort.”

  Her hardwork and desire to get better have not gone without notice. “She has definitely improved on communicating on the court and being a leader,” Basso stated. Chedadeh agreed stating that Parinas’ communication gives the rest of the team “…an example of what our play should look like on the court.”

   Some people who made Parinas want to get better were her older siblings. “I grew up wanting to be just like them. They were also super competitive in sports. We would often play basketball with each other and it was always one of my goals to beat them in a game of H-O-R-S-E. We constantly pushed each other to get better and they definitely helped shape who I am today.”

   This season, Parinas has set a goal that she shares with her whole team. “My goal for this season is to win League. I believe we can take home first place, and I am very hopeful that it will happen,” Parinas stated.

   In regards to her future, Parinas has decided not to play basketball after high school. She said, “I am not looking to play basketball at the next level, but I’m glad to have gotten the chance to play throughout high school and make tons of memories with my team.”