Boys Varsity Water Polo Makes a Splash With a Successful Season


Courtesy of Bobbi Lee

Senior Goalie Justin Silvia makes a save during an 12-10 win in a League game at Scripps Ranch.

Salma Rojas, Staff Writer

The UC High Boys Water Polo Team wrapped up a remarkable season by going undefeated in Eastern League play, en route to a League championship.  

    Head Coach Jackson Ziegler has been playing water polo for nine years. This year, Ziegler took his first opportunity under the helm at the high school level, and led the Centurions to a League championship.

   Senior Shane Cassidy said, “This team is amazing. The bond we have with each other is unbreakable.” As Cassidy shared the love he has for his teammates, Senior Alejandro Pasqualli also added, “I never thought that I would love my teammates so much. They are now like my second family.” 

   Senior Goalie Justin Silvia shared the thrill of being the goalie as well as discussing the pressure he goes through. Silvia said, “Being a goalie is amazing. You go through the adrenaline of being able to help your teammates by blocking out some shooters.” Silvia also stated, “Sometimes it could be rough, as in sometimes in the end it’s up to me if we win or lose.”
  Cassidy emphasized the thrill of being on the team, “Being part of a team who is able to communicate, understand and value water polo is amazing.” Pasqualli shared, “I remember my first five foot longshot. My coach was telling me to go for it but I was nervous. My teammates cheered me on and I was able to score a goal.”

   Pasqualli described the emotions some players, such as himself, go through: “From energetic, to excitement, focus, and aggression.” Silvia added, “I felt happy every time I blocked a shot or scored and was excited to win.”

   As seniors who have been playing for UC’s Water Polo Team for more than two years, they have some words of advice for their fellow underclassmen teammates. Silvia said, “Just to try water polo if you want to do it. It’s a hard sport but if you try it and enjoy it, keep playing!”

   Cassidy believes that if you are interested in playing the sport, you should just try it out. He shared, “I remember being unsure about joining the team. Now I realize that it was the best decision I have ever made. If you are thinking about joining the team, you should do it. You will not regret it.” Pasqualli added, “Start practicing as soon possible. The time and effort is worth it”

     Feeling content with how the season went, Silvia shared, “We went undefeated in League as well as received a banner in the gym. At first we barely had a team but still managed to pull through the season.”