Banta Kicks Off His Season

Shaun Rabot, Sports Editor

Senior Colin Banta has been putting in tackles and keeping clean sheets (soccer terminology for  keeping the other team from scoring) for the University City High School Varsity Soccer Team since his sophomore year.

   Banta started playing soccer when he was a child. “I started playing soccer when I was five years old. I began playing when my parents signed me up, because they thought I would like it,” Banta stated.

  Banta enjoys much about soccer. He said, “The thing I enjoy most about playing soccer is being able to be on the field with my teammates. I enjoy being able to lead them and help them improve with my status as captain.”

   For his final season, Banta has set many goals and desires that he wishes for himself and for his team to fulfill. “My main goals for this season are to win CIF and League. Our team is looking nice this year, and I believe that we will have a great season.”

   As a senior on the team, Banta is someone that all of his teammates can count on.  Junior Carlo Cintron said, “Colin is someone that keeps us organized. He keeps practices at high intensities and is someone that we can rely on, on and off the field.”

   Banta is constantly helping his teammates improve. Senior Paiman Nazar said, “He is a great leader in my opinion, because he is always willing to help out and push you to get better.” Senior Abraham Gonzales added, “Colin always pushes everyone on the team to their limit. He helps everyone improve on the field and is always bringing the best out of everyone.”

   Throughout the seasons, Banta has continued to improve. Gonzalez said, “One thing Colin has improved at is his in-game awareness and how he is able to read the game. It’s almost like having a coach on the field.” Cintron agreed, saying, “He has always been a great player, but if I compare him now to when I first started to play with him, he has gotten stronger, faster, and better overall.”

   In regards to his future, Banta is unsure as to whether he will continue to play soccer or not. He stated, “I plan on joining the military after college so soccer is not on my list of priorities. If I am able to though, I might play club while in college.”

   One characteristic that stood out to his teammates is his drive. Gonzales said, “Something  that stood out to me was his winning mentality. His drive to win is unmatched and that is something you need out of a centerback, to lead the defense and have the drive to win no matter the what.”

   Banta has numerous players

         to play harder in order to improve himself. He said, “Some players that inspire me are my teammates Amadu Tadesse, AJ Best, and Marty Todorov. These guys are leaders on the field and push me to better myself.”   

   Banta’s dedication to soccer and his willingness to improve is a clear reason o land him this issues’ male Athlete of the Month. He strives to get better every week and is leaving his impact in University City as a captain of  the team.