Varsity Field Hockey Continues to Exceed Expectations

Nadia Faldu-Deen, Staff Writer

Our team always plays our best and gives it our all”

— Sophomore Flavia Delle Monache

 Through trials and tribulations, UC’s Field Hockey Team has excelled and exceeded beyond what they could have ever imagined.

   “The team has improved each game and we continue to play strong opponents with great outcomes. On Saturday, September 25, we got first place in the Helix Field Hockey Tournament after defeating a Division 1 team in a championship,” said Coach Amber Zimmerman.

   Zimmerman explained that this upcoming season, as many seniors graduated, new players have had to step up and have taken up new positions, and despite challenges, everything has been going great on the field. “There have been a few stand out games, but most recently was the Championship of the Helix Tournament. Earlier in the day, we lost to Poway 0-5 and we faced them again in the championship. UC put up a fight and everyone watching could see the passion. It was mostly a defensive game, but the Centurions continually shut them down,” said Zimmerman. 

   “It’s been great for me. This is my first full season, and it’s going really well,” said Sophomore Flavia Delle Monache. Monache explained that the Field Hockey Team this year has had an incredible season so far. They have played their very best despite multiple injuries and not being able to play a full season last year. 

   Monache said, “In the second week of school, we had three games and won all of them by a lot. That week was very intense, but we ended up playing great.” Monache shared that they recently played in a tournament and won first place. The Field Hockey Team has been competing against teams in divisions above them, and winning. 

   “Every game has its ups and downs, but no matter what happens, our team always plays their best and gives it their all,” said Monache. “The team plays club field hockey over the summer. So our rivals are usually the other girls from the club. It is always fun to play against their schools as friendly competition,” said Monache. 

   The UC Field Hockey Team has grown a lot since the start of the year, and is working together as a team to improve, even watching game film to understand what went wrong. “The season started a bit rough as we lost a lot of great seniors, but now we are definitely getting along really well and connecting a lot more,” said Senior Angela Cook. 

   Cook explained that they recently had a tournament which they won, and are looking to do the same in CIF. “We don’t have set rivals, but winning against La Jolla or Mt Carmel would be rewarding,” said Cook. Cook expressed that she truly believes that they can win it all.