Luna Dominates the Field

Shaun Rabot, Sports Editor

   Senior Linebacker Rodrigo Luna has been getting tackles anchoring the defense in addition to getting time at running back for the Varsity Football Team since his sophomore year.

   Luna has had a great start to the season with a highlight of a ninety-nine and a half yard touchdown in his second game of this season against Del Norte. Not only did he have the incredible touchdown, he also put in 13 tackles to go along with three sacks. While running down the open field with no one ahead of him, he was hoping not to get caught. He said, “What went through my head during the run was, I just hope I don’t get caught and fumble the ball” (
  Luna started playing football during his freshman year of high school. He started out with the school’s Freshman Team and worked his way up to varsity for his sophomore season. He said, “I first heard of joining the UC High Football Team through Mr. Hartman at Standley Middle School. I used to play soccer, but I wanted to try a more physical sport.”
  For his final season, Luna has big aspirations and multiple goals that he expects himself to meet. “My expectations are to win CIF and state. I also want to try and lead the team in tackles, tackles for loss, and sacks,” he explained. Since it is his final season, he wants to make sure he has no regrets left on the field. Luna continued, “I want to make sure I leave it all on the field since I do not want to play football at the next level.”

   Luna’s teammates only have positive things to say about him. Senior Dylan Catherman said, “His best attribute is that he leads by example. He goes 100 percent on every play and takes no reps for granted. I like him as a teammate, because he is reliable and I can count on him to always do his job.”

      As a senior, Luna has already solidified himself as one of the leaders on the team. Having been on the team for so long, he is able to help some of the younger players on the team. Junior Nico Waning said, “He inspires me, because he shows up to practice ready to play. He taught me that joking around is good for team bonding but knowing when to get serious is important too. He toes the line between working hard and enjoying yourself perfectly.”

   Luna found inspiration in football from his favorite NFL player Fred Warner. “Warner is my favorite player in the NFL right now. I love watching him play and I like him because of how he played football in San Diego. He’s a player that motivates me to work harder as I strive to achieve like he has.”

   Luna is a great teammate and a great person to be around on and off the field. Senior Izaak Fausett said, “I love being Rodrigo’s teammate, because he’s always having fun and is always cheering people on. He is just a fun person to be around.”