UC High Tennis Boys and Girls Group Up in Unprecedented Year

Dean Ormsby, Opinions Editor

By Dean Ormsby

Opinions Editor

   The UC High Tennis Team wrapped up their unconventional co-ed season with an overall strong performance.

   “This season was special because the team was co-ed when it was normally only boys. I felt that combining the boys and girls teams was the right decision given the circumstances. It made it a much more enjoyable experience, as I was able to spend my last year playing with all of my friends,” said Senior Spencer Anthes.

   Unfortunately, despite a strong season, the team was disqualified from team CIF competition. According to Junior Ethan George, “We basically had players on our team that didn’t have enough games to actually participate in CIFs… Hearing the news…was upsetting, but at that point there was nothing we could really do except move on.” However, the team was still able to participate in individual CIF competition.

   “The season actually went pretty well. It was super fun being co-ed and playing with a much larger group than usual. My doubles partner George Petkov and I also made it to CIFs this year which is very exciting,” said George.

   “I think one of our biggest strengths was that everyone put effort into making sure people were having a good time, and it was a very positive and fun environment to be in,” said Senior Gaurav Bharti

   “The season was super fun, especially because this year was mixed. With so much uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, it was nice that tennis was able to be back in person with the appropriate precautions to make everyone feel safe, while still maintaining the things that make it so much fun,” said Bharti. “While we were still able to play, there were a few difficulties related to COVID-19, but we were still all pretty prepared for the season, so it didn’t really affect us too much,” added Bharti.

   “One thing I love about tennis is that even if your skills and technique aren’t as good as your opponent, you can still beat them through strategy and mental toughness. The most rewarding wins are against players who seem much better than you, but end up cracking under pressure,” said Anthes.

   “Everyone put effort into making sure people were having a good time and it was a very positive and fun environment to be in. The competitive drive was still there, but we all still acted super supportive with each other, and that was really special,” said Bharti.

   “One thing I love about tennis is that although it is a very individual sport, you get to create bonds with your teammates through practicing, playing doubles, and supporting each other during matches,” said Senior George Petkov.

   “I’m sad the season is concluding, but I’m glad that I was able to become closer with people on the team. I can’t wait for next year,” said George.