Boys Volleyball Springs Back Into Action For Full Season


Courtesy of Jeff Martin

Dean Ormsby, Opinions Editor

By Dean Ormsby

Opinions Editor

   The UC High Boys Volleyball Team has finally returned to the court for the first time in two years after COVID-19 and the adversities it caused last season, and they continue to work through the ever-present effects of the pandemic.

   “We didn’t have the greatest start to the season, as it has taken all of us a little extra time to get back into playing again. But in the last few games, we have fixed most of our mistakes and are currently on a two-game winning streak. Hopefully we can continue to win throughout the rest of the season,” said Senior Wesley Hunt.

   “Coming off of a year without playing as a team has definitely been tough. It has taken time to get our cohesiveness back as a unit and to develop team chemistry,” said Senior Trent Johnson. “Covid has affected team chemistry above all else. Especially being a spring sport, we essentially got two seasons cut off instead of one, making it that much harder to develop,” Johnson continued.

   Senior Andrew Roosnovo agreed that energy and communication on the court have been a weakness of the team this season; however, he believes that this can be remedied by coming to games prepared and already excited. Furthermore, he stated, smiles on the court always make the team play better. “Especially from our libero, Timothy Guo, because he’s so cute,” said Roosnovo cheekily. As far as technical skill goes, Roosnovo stated that working on aggressive but consistent serving could set the team up for more success. 

   Still, understandably, COVID-19 has taken a toll on athletic performance. “The pandemic made it difficult for us to practice in the off season, so when we were able to return to play, we had a limited amount of time to get back in shape. We have also had difficulty finding good times to practice, with each of the sport teams using the gym along with us,” said Senior Leo Hurtado.

   “Even with COVID-19, this season has been extremely fun, because my teammates and I challenge each other constantly. Although it can get tense sometimes, we all work our hardest to win games and improve our skills. We are always making each other laugh, which only makes practices and games more fun,” said Hunt.

   “The community of people in volleyball makes all the difference to me. Spending time with the team is refreshing. In regards to the actual game, the pure intensity of the sport is something that makes it extremely fun. We love laying it all out on the court to try and get that last point and win for each other,” said Johnson.

   “I’ve played volleyball at UCHS since my freshman year, so having a senior season was very important to me. I’ve had a great time playing with my teammates and I look forward to showcasing my skills for the rest of the season, said Hunt.

   “This season was meaningful as it was the last year of my high school career. It is really unfortunate it took place during COVID-19, but we made the most with what we have. I mostly just love playing with my team, and enjoying the sport with them,” said Hurtado.

   According to Johnson, “Being a senior, I am just happy to play sports no matter how it looks. I am thankful that I get to end my senior year doing something that I love.”