Girls Golf Excited to Return to the Course


Courtesy of UC High Athletics

The 2019 UC High Girls Golf Team poses for a picture after become League champions

Zachary Grover, Sports Editor

   The UC High Girls Golf Team is eager to start their season and get back on the course to defend their back-to-back League titles while following COVID-19 guidelines.

   Golf is now allowed to hold matches and practices in the purple (restrictive) tier along with seventeen other sports according to CIF health guidelines and California Governor Gavin Newsom (

   The Girls Golf Team has had plenty of success the past couple years, becoming Eastern League champions in each of the past two seasons, according to the UC High athletics website ( “We had a great core of four-year senior players last year that helped us have success and become champions,” said Head Coach Gail Hall. 

   Aside from the team’s collective success, individuals on the team also got their moment in the spotlight last season. Junior Lynn Pham won the City Conference Golf Tournament last year as a sophomore, shooting a 73 at Balboa Park Golf course ( “It was pretty cool,” Pham recalled. “Walking in from the course I thought I only played okay and didn’t think I would win at all. Seeing my name on top of the scoreboard was super exciting.”

   This season the team is happy for the opportunity to be able to get outside and play with teammates, even if it is different than normal in this unusual season. “Honestly, this season is just about getting out there and playing,” Hall stated. “Normally we play in the fall so this is very different for us.” Hall also shared that this year also holds a unique set of challenges. “Due to COVID-19, I wasn’t able to work with new players who might be interested, and the courses are already overcrowded due to the boys and girls teams having to share courses.”

   Hall stated that she just wanted the girls to go out and compete: “I just have to be flexible with the schedule and be happy when they can show up,” she said. Pham also shared how a return to the course has been such a welcome change in life during this COVID-19 isolated time we are living in. “It has been a pleasure playing with a team that is super nice and funny,” Pham said. “It is also so nice being able to see people outside of my family, just getting the chance to communicate and hangout with them,” she continued. 

   Senior Captain Angelica Smith shared that she is excited to be able to get out and compete. “It is exciting. So far it has been really fun and I’m looking forward to what the season ahead will bring,” she said. “I enjoy being able to spend time with the team the most. It’s really fun to learn and grow together.”