Water Polo Winds Up for COVID-19 Season


Courtesy of Jack Harper

The 2019 Boys Water Polo Team poses for a team picture.

Pavle Ristic, Sports Editor

The Boys Water Polo Team is working hard to prepare for the upcoming season despite the restraints of COVID-19 circumstances.
According to a high school sports statistics website, the Water Polo Team is coming off of a 5-5 League record which capped off an overall record of 11-16 last season (maxpreps.com). Senior Kurtis Ramsey said, “We had some rough patches in our season last year, but we are hopeful that we can improve this year. Everyone has been working hard even through these challenging times to make it possible.”
The Water Polo Team also just made a change at the head coach position for this year after Former Coach Adalbeto Vazquez vacated the position. Coach Jackson Ziegler is excited for the challenge and his players are ready to play for him. Senior Elliott Tillotson said, “Having a new coach is really exciting. It is a chance to start fresh and play better.”
A new coach changes team dynamics, but Tillotson believes that this is a positive. “When there’s a new coach everyone plays their best to try and show that they belong on the team and deserve to play. This change could really help us out and have us playing better this season,” he explained.
All high school sports teams have been working to adapt to COVID-19 protocols, and some sports have had an easier time than others. Junior Alejandro Pasquali said, “The Water Polo Team has had a hard time during the Coronavirus pandemic because pools have been shut down everywhere. Some other athletes have had the chance to practice while following social distancing guidelines whereas we simply have not.”
Ramsey noted people’s struggles during the Coronavirus pandemic. “Some people are lucky enough to have access to private pools but most kids do not have that privilege. We have been doing everything we can to stay ready if there is a season, but the nature of waterpolo with the pool decks may pose challenges for a return of the sport.”
Pasquali is excited at the prospect of having a season; “COVID-19 has stopped many things from happening so it would be great if there was a way to have the water polo season happen.” Ramsey agreed, and added, “I have been playing water polo [for] a long time and a senior season is a culmination of my efforts; it would be a real shame if I did not have the chance to play this season.”
Tillotson stated, “You go through high school once. This is everyone’s only chance at these experiences. Things like senior night, which depending on the amount of sports you play, you might only have once in your life. Especially when a sport can mean so much to someone, we really hope that we can have a season.”