Megura Makes For Major Role Model

Ghada Atalla, Staff Writer

   Boys Lacrosse Captain Senior Nathan Megura has helped advance the team through his leadership, unbreakable dedication, and strong determination to improve.

   Megura takes his lacrosse very seriously. He has managed to miss only one practice throughout his whole career. “Going to practice every day shows dedication to the team, especially if more people participate, because the more people that are involved, the more the team will improve and the better we will be,” said Megura. 

   Several players view Megura as a role model for the whole lacrosse program. Senior Gavin Glick said, “He has good communication skills and is really energetic during practice. He helps us rally during games by motivating and energizing the team in tough situations.” Senior Nicolas Hernandez said, “He practiced a lot during the offseason and brought my stick skills up a lot. It Makes a lot of newcomers realize they should practice on their own time for at least an hour to get even better instead of only practicing during practice.”

  Megura puts his full effort into everything he does. He stressed that it is about more than just competition. It’s about self-improvement. “I am really dedicated to the sport. I go to every game, and I always put 110 percent effort into every practice. By putting that effort in, it rubs off on my teammates and helps encourage them,” said Megura.

   Sports have played a major role in his childhood and that, paired with his family’s involvement in sports, has really pushed him to become the best possible athlete he can be.“I have always played sports all my life, so growing up with that definitely influenced my decision to play lacrosse and the team bonding aspect helped me enjoy the sport more,” said Megura.   

   One of the reasons he takes pride in this sport and works so hard at it is because of its diversity and uniqueness. Lacrosse is a mix of several different sports, which allows him to express multiple passions at one time. He stated, “I enjoy playing on the team because it is a fun sport and you get to play with your friends which means you have a good time. It is a fast-paced game and a combination of a lot of sports, a little bit of football and basketball. With all the elements together, it makes it really interesting and enjoyable.”

   “I have always wanted to be good at stick skills and have the ability to pass and catch well with both hands. My agility has definitely gotten better because I play the attack position which means I learned how to dodge people, which has also improved my speed overall as well,” said Megura.

   “This year is my last year, so I want to win League for the class of 2020, and I want to be the first class to win League in fourteen year.,” said Megura.

   Just recently, lacrosse tryouts took place and Megura didn’t give up on anyone, even those who had just started. Glick said, “He has helped the freshman and the newcomers on the basic skills in order to succeed. He knows how to simplify it for the newcomers.”

   Hernandez said, “When we first started out, Megura was the main go-getter, a natural-born leader, because he knew how to teach how to fundamentally catch or throw the ball. He is a pretty good athlete in general.” This natural-born leader has been playing for four years, but his legacy will definitely live on past his years.