Mayew-Sherman Works Hard and Reaps the Reward

Jared Knobloch, News Editor

Playing the sport of basketball calls for its own special kind of tenacity, and when talking about Senior Claire Mayew-Sherman, it is not lacking. For Mayew-Sherman, she saved her best season for last. In her second year of Varsity Basketball at UC High, she’s made lasting memories while playing her heart out in blue and white.

   “I go and shoot around usually, but I like to work on my explosiveness, and then finish by working on dribbling for about an hour everyday,” said Mayew-Sherman. She continued, “I have been playing for five years, and I have loved it. I wish I had started playing sooner.”

   The rigorous routine has been paying off for Mayew-Sherman, as according to MaxPreps, she has been averaging a team high 8.7 points, 5.1 rebounds and 3.1 assists per game this season ( Mayew-Sherman explained, “My goal for this season is for our team to get better, and get more wins, and hopefully bring home a banner.”

   Varsity Head Coach David Asuncion has valued Mayew-Sherman’s work ethic. He noted, “She has a willingness to always improve and she works at things she needs to get better at. She uses her strength to the best of her ability, and her passion for the game is really exciting.” Mayew-Sherman has had lots of good moments when playing basketball, but there is one that really stands out to her. She recalled, “I think my favorite memory was when my AAU team made it to Nationals.” 

   This year, Mayew-Sherman switched positions, from shooting guard to point guard, and now runs the entire offense. Asuncion explained, “I think the fact that she was asked this year to switch positions, and her ability to do it [play the point guard position] and do it well, really shows what type of player Claire is.”   

   Senior Captain Riley Reinhardt has been playing with Mayew-Sherman for two years now and loves what she brings to the team. “She’s super important, because having a good point guard who is able to set up plays and dribble the ball is really good for the team. She brings everyone together, and I believe when Claire plays well, the entire team does just as well,” explained Reinhardt

   “She really has grown a lot, like composing herself on the court, as well as her dribbling skills have improved. She has adapted to her new position really well, and handles the pressure that comes with it,” she added.

   Mayew-Sherman has always been a successful person, inside and outside of basketball. Reinhardt stated, “Claire is super smart, and she is going to be good at whatever she does. I don’t know if she wants to play in college, but I think whatever she wants to do, she can.”

   Asuncion said it best of Mayew-Sherman: “She is an all-around good player. She helps the team in many ways, such as keeping things light with her humor, and giving all the effort needed to be a leader.” He continued, “The way she relates to the players is good. She’s a very vocal player. Not to mention, being a point guard, taking on a lot of responsibility while having a coach who requires a lot out of her at that position.” As far as UC High is concerned, Mayew-Sherman will definitely be remembered as a great leader and fantastic friend, on and off the court.