Competition Cheer Uses Creativity and Teamwork to Find Success

Avalon Owens, Staff Writer

The UC High Competition Cheer Team comes together to perform routines, impress judges, and receive top scores. With an arsenal of fast-paced and carefully calculated performances, the team continues to flip their way to success. 

   While the girls enjoyed spirit cheer season, hyping up the crowds at football games and spreading positivity to the players and fans, they share that competition cheer is a whole new level of nailing stunts and perfecting routines. “In competition cheer, you have to look perfect and do your part of the routine exactly right or everything falls apart. Your whole team is depending on you to not only hit everything but to get the highest score possible,” said Senior Captain Emily Burns. Junior Olivia Alfonso added, “Competition Cheer is  a combination of high-level stunting, cheering, jumping, tumbling, and dancing composed into one routine, which takes a lot of endurance, strength, and teamwork.”

   All season, the girls strive towards perfection by practicing tirelessly throughout the week. “Normally, we have practice twice a week but when it gets closer to competition week we begin to hold practices 4-5 times a week, which can be very exhausting,” explained Junior Melia Hickey. “During practices we stretch, condition, and learn the parts of the routine. Then once we know all of it, we piece it together and then throw it full out, which means that all stunts, jumps, and dances are executed,” shared Burns. 

   Having refined routines and sharp stunts is obviously very important to the team; however, the girls revealed that most of their success is built on the trust that they have in one another. “We all have to work together harmoniously for stunts to hit. We rely on each other to catch each other and if that trust is broken, it’s hard to come back from that. We avoid drama, whether it be because we are nice girls or we know that we have to work together as one to get the job done,” added Burns. 

   “I consider my team a family. We’re a pretty close team, because we all fight for each other. We work together to make sure our routine hits clean and solid. We also always encourage one another to be the best we can be, especially in stunting. Overall, I love the vibe of our team,” stated Alfonso. Sophomore Isabella Roof expressed  that her favorite part of cheer is also the team, and the family-like bond that they build over a season. 

   With their support for one another, their hard working mentalities, and their natural talents, the girls have found success this season, and have continued adding to their extensive list of accolades. Their biggest successes so far include qualifying for nationals in Las Vegas at their most recent competition in Long Beach. “When they announced that we had qualified we all began crying tears of joy. Everyone was so happy and hugging each other which just shows the type of bond you build within the team,” explained Hickey. Alfonso noted that this brought an overwhelming feeling of joy, knowing that all their team had truly bonded and that all of their hard work had paid off.  

   Season after season, the girls look forward to competing alongside one another; however, they are always eager to welcome new talent. The team advises everyone to give it a try and noted that if you are willing to work hard you will be valued on the team. “To anyone trying out I would say practice, practice, practice! The girls who make the team are the ones who practice at home, at school, in the car, and even in their sleep. Also, ask questions and do not be shy. If you show major improvement and hard work, you can make it,” explained Burns.