Carr Creates Winning Mentality

Pavle Ristic, Sports Editor

One! Two! Three! The referee slaps the mat as Senior Captain Dusty Carr wrestles his way to yet another victory. Carr has worked his way to a strong season through incredible dedication and hard work. He has not only been able to improve himself but he has had a profound impact on his team as well.

   Carr has always been one to focus on himself and wrestling was a perfect way to do that. “I started wrestling because I like individual sports. Playing an individual sport really keeps you honest with yourself,” he explained.  Carr continued because he fell in love with the sport, “I love wrestling, because I love martial arts, but more importantly, my teammates and coaches are the best I could ask for. The coaches are always there to motivate me, and my teammates are always extremely supportive. We keep each other in check and work well together.”

   Senior and Teammate Vinny Van made sure to touch on how Carr’s devotion to wrestling has been key to his progress “The reason Carr is so good is because he prioritizes wrestling and is very dedicated to it,” stated Van.

   Carr explained how his willingness to work hard and dedication to being the best he could played a massive role in his success. “To become a better wrestler, I lift weights year-round, attend multiple schools’ practices in the off-season, and wrestle many different styles in off season tournaments.” 

   Van had nothing but great things to say about Carr and what he has been able to do for the program. “Carr is constantly sharing words of encouragement and general positivity. He is constantly pushing everyone to and past their limits. He makes everyone around him better wrestlers.” Sophomore Pierce Curry added, “He really helps the younger kids figure the sport out and improve.” 

   Carr mentioned how important it was to him to be able to help the team: “I always try to encourage my teammates to participate in as many tournaments as possible in the off-season in addition to getting them to come to as many practices as physically possible.” Van then added to the high praise, saying, “Carr has made me a better wrestler by practicing new moves with me and always giving me a good challenge. He is a great Captain with great confidence. He inspires me to keep wrestling.”

   Carr has been putting his hard work to use this season and is excited for the postseason, “I’m looking to finish the season strong, do well at CIF as well at the Masters (a wrestling tournament which is held after CIF to decide who moves on to state competition), and hopefully get to state and even perform well once I’m there.” Curry said, “We are all rooting for Carr not only because of the impact he has had on us but also because of the time and work he has invested in himself.” There is no doubt that Carr will continue to do great things for the people around him in the future, and that will continue his spectacular wrestling career.