Montoya Motivates Teammates on Court

Emma Truchan, Features Editor

Varsity Tennis Captain Senior Isa Montoya began playing tennis in her sophomore year of high school. She stated simply, “I knew that [playing tennis] was something that I could do that would benefit me throughout my life.” Since her beginnings as a tennis player, Montoya has developed into a strong athlete and a great asset to the UC High Tennis program.

   From the beginning of her tennis career, Montoya has put in great amounts of effort to better herself. This strong work ethic and athletic capability have been noted by teammates and coaches alike. Teammate Junior Audrey Jason stated, “Seeing how much Isa has improved in tennis is so inspiring, and it motivates me as an athlete to improve as well.”

   Head Coach Joe Briese remarked, “As an athlete, Isa is someone who is in good condition. Many non-[tennis] players don’t truly understand how well conditioned you need to be to play tennis at a higher level.” With her remarkable athletic ability, Montoya is able to carry her team to success. In addition, Montoya is very receptive to coaching, allowing her to continuously improve as a player. As explained by Briese, “[Montoya] is also a player that is teachable. I usually won’t have to explain [something] more than once.”

   Briese explained that Montoya has not only been incredibly beneficial to the team due to her athletic ability and quick-learning skills but also due to her flexibility as a player. “She is in the top five of our singles ladder, but I know that she will play singles or doubles — whatever I ask her to do. I also try to give the players a chance to play what they want, but I love that in her case, Isa will be happy playing wherever I play her.” Montoya’s versatility as a player, in tandem with her eagerness to contribute to the team, has helped propel the Girls Tennis Team to success. 

   Montoya has made maximum effort in her goals for herself and for her team during her senior season. “As a captain, my goal is for my team to put in as much effort as they can to be a team player. I hope to guide my teammates in as many ways as I can, and give them any tips on what they need to do to succeed,” Montoya said. She continued to explain that she hopes to achieve this through open communication between her and her teammates, and by working hard to push herself to improve. Jason noted that Montoya doesn’t just push her teammates to always give their best effort, she also encourages them to enjoy themselves while they play.

   Montoya believes that the team can achieve even more than her original goal: she has her eyes set on a League Championship title and a shot at CIF. Through building upon the strengths the team already possesses, Montoya explained, she believes that they can realize these aspirations together.

   In the final season of her tennis career, Montoya’s contributions to her team, whether it be through her remarkable skill or her strong leadership qualities, will leave lasting impacts on the UC Tennis program.