Gray Spirals His Way to a Successful Career

Zachary Grover, Staff Writer

The roar of the crowd, the snap of the football, the eerie silence, the perfect pass to the touchdown catch, the pandemonium. It’s the Friday Night Lights dream that every high school football player has. The crowd cheers restlessly. Will it be the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat? 

   UC High Senior Quarterback Gunnar Gray was arguably the best high school quarterback in the county last year and led all San Diego high school quarterbacks in total passing yards (3,758), passing yards per game (313.2), and passing touchdowns (39), according to a website dedicated to high school sports ( It is safe to say that he has had plenty of practice fine-tuning his “dropping dimes” touchdown celebration.

   According to Fox Sports, so far in his high school career, Gray has thrown for more touchdowns and yards than NFL star, and future Hall of Fame quarterback, Drew Brees did in his high school football career (

   Gray has had some unique challenges in his life. He moved from New York to Point Loma, and then to University City at the end of eighth grade. “It was tough, moving schools, leaving your friends and having to make new ones, Gray said. “I really think football helped me through that time.” 

   Gray started playing football at the age of six, drawn to it by his father who played professional football in the Canadian Football League (CFL). Gray has been around football for as long as he can remember and attributes that as a reason he developed his best skills. “I feel like understanding the game and reading the defense, knowing what they are going to do are two of my best skills,” Gray said. UC High Offensive Coordinator Tate Forcier echoed those words in his praise of Gray. “He sees things before I even see things sometimes,” Forcier said. “It is like having an extra coach on the field.” Forcier even went as far as to say that Gunnar should be playing “at the next level,” and has a “college-level arm.” All high praise from a former college quarterback. 

   Not only is Gray a stand out for the Centurions on the field, but he also seems to eat, sleep, and bleed UC columbia blue off the field as well. “Being a leader is a big thing I have worked on since I have been on varsity, and I feel like I have greatly matured and improved as a leader.” His main advice: “Enjoy [the season] because it will be over faster than we all think.”

   Gray hopes to play football in college and has already received multiple scholarship offers. “I would love to play [at Syracuse] or another big school. I am prepared for everything. Wherever I play, I will have to put in lots of extra work to reach my highest level,” he said. Gray doesn’t want to stop there though. “It would be great to make the NFL (National Football League),” he said with a chuckle. Gray is also straight with himself and knows the work he must put in to reach his goal. “I would have to do something different from everyone else (develop a new skill) to make myself stand out,” he said.

   Gray was recently selected to play in the Blue and Grey All American Bowl with the best high school football players in the nation. “I am really honored to be selected to play in the All American Bowl,” Gray said,” I am extremely excited to get going and head to Dallas to play.” Gray emphasized on the fact that he wouldn’t have gotten selected without the help from his teammates and coaches. Gray will play for the Grey team (no pun intended) at AT&T Stadium, the home of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys.  

   Gray’s football career is definitely one to keep an eye on. You never know, his “dropping dimes” celebration could become a household move when SportsCenter is starting every show with his latest amazing touchdown pass. It is a tempting sight, and one that Gray hopes soon becomes reality.