Girls Varsity Field Hockey Battles Through Season with Young Team

Kate Wiggins, Sports Editor


  The UC High Varsity Field Hockey Team has come back to a challenging season after losing 10 seniors as well as having to face difficult opposition. 

   Head Coach Amber Zimmermann stated, “I think that we are finally starting to show our potential, but it has taken a lot to prove to ourselves what we are capable of.” Coming off of a 13-6 2018 season, the girls have had to put in loads of work to try and accomplish what they did as a team in previous seasons. 

   Junior Co-Captain Olivia Upham said, “I think that we are doing better than expected, especially against the teams that we have been playing so far this season, and I know that there is lots of room for improvement.” Co-Captain Junior Taylor Sullivan added, “I would say that we started off a little rough, but I think we have started to make the connections that we have been looking for.”

   With losing a total of ten seniors last season, all players have had to step up to help the team perform at their best. “The whole team basically has really had to step up. From the five returners from last year, all the way to the new players, including freshmen. The development of every player on the team has been crucial and they have all been learning how to make their adjustments,” said Zimmermann. 

   Underclassmen and new varsity players are ready to step up to the new game’s level with full confidence. “There is definitely more skill involved in a varsity game, compared to a JV game, because everyone has most likely been playing for a long time. The pace of the game is also a lot faster,” said Junior Riley Torgeson. Freshman Jenna Amos added, “Being a freshman on varsity is really fun and exciting. It’s really challenging, but it pushes me to be the best that I can be.” 

   Keeping the team close with great comradery has helped this team take its true form. Amos explained, “All of the girls are so sweet, and they always help me out when I’m struggling, and they motivate me to do better.” Torgeson chimed in saying, “It’s been so much fun so far this season. I have learned a lot from all of the girls playing offseason.”

   Because the girls are playing difficult teams during the season, practices are the best time to work out any problems they may have in games and to learn new skills. “We have been working on different plays coming up the field, communicating a lot more to our players, and working in the circle for offense,” said Upham. Sullivan noted that most of the things the team works on in practice are specific to the game. “Everyone has their own skill, but it’s just improving our skill as one team is what we have been working on,” explained Sullivan. 

   Playing these challenging teams during the season is hopefully going to make a positive impact on the team. “It’s most definitely challenging right now. It’s never fun to be losing a lot of games. But I know that it’s really going to prepare us for the end of the season. It will help us set the pace for ourselves in future games, instead of the other team,” said Upham. Some higher-ranked teams that the girls will have faced this year would be Canyon Crest Academy, Poway High, Del Norte High, and Mission Hills. 

  In previous years, UC High Varsity Field Hockey has won League, and have even been undefeated. Other schools in their League include Point Loma High, Clairemont High, Morse High, and La Jolla Country Day. “I really want to be undefeated in League, and even unscored upon. I know that we are capable of it,” said Upham. 

   Despite having a younger team and having a difficult schedule, the UC High Varsity Field Hockey Team will be playing their hardest to achieve their goals and end their season knowing that they put their strongest team forward.