Girls Hail Hall, Enjoy Great Season En Route to League Finals


Julie Whitehill, Staff Writer

   The Girls Golf Team played very well during the 2018-2019 fall season, thanks to the hard work of the athletes directed under the leadership of Head Coach Gail Hall. According to Hall, the team had an impressive overall League record of 11 wins and one loss. Hall remarked, “We seemed to have more serious golfers this year than last year. We have more golfers who really wanted to win.”

   The team also finally and proudly accomplished a longtime goal of putting up their very own banner in the UC High gymnasium. “I think the performance of the Girls Golf Team was awesome. We won League for the first time in UC High history,” stated Team Captain Senior Shauna Wilder. Hall and the teammates were all excited and proud of their achievements. Hall proudly stated, “Putting up the banner was the coolest thing ever. We are now an official part of UC High history. I am so proud of the girls this year. They really deserve it.”

   In past seasons, the UC High Girls Golf Team had issues with having enough players to be able to participate in games. This was the first season that the UC High Girls Golf team had enough girls to make for two teams. Before this year, there was only a single Varsity Team due to the lack of athletes and people willing to participate. However, the tables quickly turned once this year’s season rolled around.

   The team had never experienced having this many players before. “We had so many girls this year that we could finally have a Varsity and Junior Varsity team.” Wilder continued, “I have really enjoyed meeting all the new people and connecting with the team.”

   The team leaped with open arms into new circumstances and turned out victorious. “My favorite memory was winning the last match to win League and celebrating with our team. I also really enjoyed playing and getting to know all the girls on the team.” Wilder remarked. Hall recalled, “My favorite team memory was winning over San Diego High and having fun with all the girls throughout various tournaments that we competed in.”

   Hall stated “Any interested students should come play. Golf is a sport you can play your whole life! It is a very social sport that is great for making new friends or reconnecting with old ones.”

   Wilder concluded, “Coach Hall definitely did an amazing job supporting us and coaching us throughout the entire season. Coach Hall really just pushes us to succeed.” Hall humbly stated, “Thank you for the recognition but the girls deserve all the credit.”