Srioudom Puts Emphasis on Teamwork

Avalon Owens, Staff Writer

Senior Angel Srioudom, known for her strength, enthusiasm, and strong teamwork mentality has approached her final season of track and field at UC High. Srioudom participates in shot put and discus. With her never-ending drive to keep improving, as well as her incredible ability to radiate positivity, family, friends, and family are always excited to see what is next to come for this determined athlete.

   Srioudom not only understands the importance of independent victories but above all grasps the significance of winning as a team. “I think what makes me stand out as an athlete is that I really care about my team and how we do as a whole. Yeah, breaking records and getting medals is cool, but the most important thing is that my team is by my side,” Srioudom explained. With her perpetual drive to help her team, Srioudom proves that she is a strong believer in the idea that teamwork makes the dream work.

   Teammates and friends not only respect Srioudom as an athlete but express their appreciation for the positive attitude she’s constantly contributing to the team. “Angel is a very talented thrower, and we love having her on the team because she is so spirited, funny, and energetic,” said Teammate Senior Kimmi Weiss.

   Through the good and the bad, her prime goal is to be supportive toward her teammates. This is apparent as Sophomore Kilee Horner explained, “[Srioudom] has helped me through a lot of struggles during hard meets.” Srioudom comments on her own path noting, “I’ve grown a lot as an athlete. Every time I have competed, I had to make sure I was focused because everything in the game takes a lot of emotion and dedication.” Even while in tough competition, she has a smile on her face. Thinking back on her experiences with Srioudom, Weiss joyfully recalls “…all the times she had made the team laugh with her jubilant personality.”

   In past years, Srioudom has conquered her opponents in regular season play and CIF finals, wowing everyone with her strength and endurance. “My greatest athletic accomplishments were competing and getting medals at CIF since my freshman year,” revealed Srioudom. Constantly setting records, being recognized for her talents at meets, and being selected as one of the 2018 All-Western League Girls Track and Field Athletes of the Year, she truly has no limits.

   However, accomplishment after accomplishment, she still remembers where she came from and who gave her the strength to become such a fierce competitor. “I wouldn’t even have an athletic career without the support from my team and family. They all have been so supportive, everything I do is for them,” said Srioudom

   Looking towards the future this driven athlete hopes to continue growing as a shot putter/discus thrower and to one day compete at a Division One (DI) University. It is obvious that her passion for the sport will allow her to pursue her goals and further add to the extensive list of her athletic accolades.

   With her dedication to the sport of track and field, her love for her teammates, and her consistent positivity, Srioudom will finish off the season with these morals at heart.