Boys Tennis Team Serves Up a Strong Season with Team Chemistry

Owen Megura, Staff Writer

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   The student-athletes on the Boys Tennis Team are prepared to take on their competition this season in the challenging Western League.

   According to a high school sports statistics website, the team has had a great season thus far, boasting a 5-4 record in League play. Their overall record is 11-9


   Senior Captain Abdul Buzeriba explained, “Our team’s biggest strength would be our tennis performance, as we make sure to play smart and hard every game to ensure the win.” He added, “Unfortunately, we have lost players due to grades, which has impacted the team’s performance.”

   Senior Kohei Hayashi notes that one of the most important qualities of the team is the advice, not only from Hayashi himself but from his coach and teammates too. “I have told other players that they shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes and just take the shot,” Hayashi said. “Our coach trains us by letting us play the game and gives us advice while we are changing courts.”

   Many of this season’s players bring passion and determination to the court, including Second-Year Varsity Player Sophomore Trevor Srioudom, who is excited to bring his vast knowledge of the sport to the team. Srioudom said, “I have been with a lot of coaches, so I know a lot of coaching techniques.” He continued, “After enough matches, everything works in a pattern. It’s just seeing how well our team can perform.”

   Sophomore George Petkov looks to contribute to the program’s success by maintaining a positive environment.  “Last season, we won the first [Boys Tennis League] Championship for our school, and we were able to pull through in many tough situations,” Petkov said. Petkov is a true team player and makes sure to come to each practice with a lot of energy. Continuing on the topic of practice, Petkov stated, “You get to see what their skills are, and how they may even be better than yours so you can improve by just watching.”

   In a game setting, the team stays motivated and comes together for a UC chant. Numerous players on the team believe fluid team chemistry is very important in order to succeed on the court. The team also has an elongated warm up before the game starts, in order to prepare so they can perform well and take the win.

   During the games, Head Coach Joe Briese is there to point out areas of improvement in order to help his players reach optimal performance where it matters most. Petkov said, “Coach Briese always brings us to the side and tells us how we can do better, whether it be looking at the ball or closing our racket.”

   Petkov finds it important that the upperclassmen are willing to help the lowerclassmen with their skills. Buzeriba does his best to give players with less experience a chance to play, as those students need to carry the team once he and the other remaining seniors graduate. “We try and help the younger players by giving them a chance to hit because tennis takes a lot of practice,” Buzeriba state.

   “It’s good to encourage younger students to play with upperclassmen because some of them are shy,” Petkov said. He continued, “In order to help them get better, it’s very important to include them during practice, because they may catch on to another player’s mindset.”

   Petkov always looks forward to a challenging team, especially when the game is close and said, “We always look forward to it because it’s a challenge to us.”

   With their determination, skill, and growing team chemistry, the UC High Boys Tennis Team is looking to have a very strong end of the season run.

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