Wyckoff Slides into a Strong Season

Avalon Owens, Staff Writer

   Captain of the Softball Team and four-year varsity athlete Senior Alexi Wyckoff looks forward to competing in her final season at UC High. Wyckoff has so far continued to wow the crowd as she hits at the top of the lineup and starts in right field.

   With her already extensive list of athletic accomplishments, fans will have their eyes on this star player to see what’s next in store for her. In her many years on the field, Wyckoff’s achievements have included the prestigious awards of All-League Second Team, All-League First Team, and Best Offensive Player.

   Wyckoff has been playing softball her entire life and for this reason has gained a love for the game. She explained her passion for the sport and stated, “I started playing softball because I was always surrounded by it. My two older sisters played softball, so I grew up at the field and couldn’t wait till I was the one out on the field.”

   While Wyckoff has accomplished so much as an individual player, she still recognizes the importance of a team. “My favorite part of playing sports is being a part of a team,” said Wyckoff. “My teammates throughout the years have taught me a lot. I’ve met some of my best friends and have made so many memories. Ultimately, being on a sports team, you become a part of a new family,” she explained.

   It’s apparent her teammates and closest friends share the same sentiment as Wyckoff. Senior Ashley McConnell shared, “I have been on many softball teams with Lexi throughout the years inside and outside of school, and she has always been a great friend through everything. If I’m down, she always finds a way to bring me back up and get me back into my groove and I think it’s great to have a friend like that.”

   Senior Kiana Pangelinan, another close friend and teammate, reveals that Wyckoff is “…a great leader, and everyone on our team has respect for her.” Wyckoff’s teammates and friends point out her leadership and team-player abilities. “She is a very strong captain and great at making sure everyone always has a positive energy. She also makes everyone keep their heads up,” explained Junior Jayla Briggs. Her strong leadership has helped carry the team to success, and creates a positive environment for the team.

   The appreciation goes both ways. Taking a moment to think back on her years on the field, Wyckoff revealed, “Playing sports has impacted my life in so many ways. I’ve made so many crazy memories, I’ve traveled to so many new places and I’ve made so many friends. Sports have impacted me in such a positive way, even giving me a different mindset and making me thrive to set and accomplish goals.”

   This team-oriented athlete approaches her last season of high school softball with excitement and clear objectives. “My end goal with softball is just to enjoy it, end with a high batting average, lots of RBIs [Runners Batted In],  and have fun doing it,” affirmed Wyckoff. However, Wyckoff has decided to hang up her cleats after her senior season and has plans to attend San Diego State University to get a degree in nursing.

   After four years of making strong friendships, learning more about her passion for the sport, and growing as both an athlete and a person, Wyckoff will play her final season with her heart in the game and her teammates standing by her side.