Todorov Brings Positivity to the Court

Lauren Efron, Staff Writer

Senior Donovan Todorov has shown great leadership and determination as a captain on the Division One Boys Volleyball Team this season. Standing at six feet five inches, Todorov is one of the team’s most valuable players. This combined with his athleticism, leadership, and positive attitude has brought him and his team great success.

   Todorov’s captainship is incredibly valued by the team, as they described his positivity and drive. Junior Blaise Adona explained,Donovan brings such a bright, great attitude to everyone around him and is definitely a key to the team’s success.” Junior Jonah Doolittle agreed and stated, “He’s a great player, captain, and role model for the team.”

  Todorov puts much emphasis on team chemistry. He described the team as “super close” and made it clear that they’re a tight knit group. He said, “We always help each other out when we are in trouble and have each other’s back.” Todorov added that they always hang out outside of volleyball too. “He’s a good guy to hang out with outside of the court,” said Doolittle.

   In addition to being an encouraging teammate, Todorov provides an incredible amount of athleticism and skill. “He has everything you look for in a great volleyball player in terms of speed, coordination, and ability to pretty much fly. Though he’s primarily a middle, he’s been able to switch to most other positions if needed and play them at the same high level,” noted Sophomore Andrew Roosnovo. Todorov’s remarkable versatility has made him a great asset to the team, and helps them succeed at such a high level. 

  “He knows how to balance being a friend and a somewhat strict captain to get them to perform at their best,” said Head Coach James Russell. He added, “Donovan is one of the most hardworking players on the team, and he is an excellent person and player.”

   Todorov’s athleticism hasn’t gone unnoticed. He was pleased to say that he committed to play Division 1 collegiate volleyball for the University of California Santa Barbara [UCSB]. Todorov described the commitment as  very special and “…one of the most rewarding moments of my life.” Todorov has received great support from his coaches and family.

     Todorov said that his parents have supported him ever since he began playing volleyball and his peers couldn’t be more proud of Todorov for receiving a scholarship to his dream college. “I think he will have a great future at the college level. He is an amazing player with lots of talent that will help him excel at the next level,” said Russell.

   Despite a back injury rendering him unable to play for the remainder of the high school season, he still greatly contributes to the team through his unwavering positivity and passion for the sport. Roosnovo remarked, “Even with his injury, Donovan’s always at our games to support the team. His presence alone just gets everyone hyped. Besides the encouraging enthusiasm, Donovan has acted almost as an assistant coach. Whether it’s advice on blocking, transitioning, or positioning, he knows it all, and helps out every teammate if they need it.” Regardless of any obstacles, Todorov continues to give his all to his team.

   Overall, Todorov is a very strong asset to his current team and he seems to have a bright future ahead of him.