Varsity Softball Takes on Competitive New Division

Kate Wiggins, Sports Editor

   The UC High Varsity Softball Team is going to be faced with new challenges, as they are moved up to Division 1, as well as having to rebuild with the loss of last season’s seniors.

   According to a high school sports statistic website, the team finished their 2018 season in the the third round of CIF play against Mount Carmel High. The girls pulled through the season with a record of 15-14. The girls will also be playing against some new teams this season, such as  Otay Ranch High, Olympian High, and  Mission  Bay High. (

   “I feel like we could have done a lot better in CIF play,” said Senior Alexi Wyckoff, as she reflected on last season. “We were in a tough League, though, and I think we competed well against the teams we were playing,” added Wyckoff.

   According to Head Coach Michael Roberts, the team is going to have to make some improvements to have and maintain a strong position in Division 1. “The main things we need to improve in are pitching, defense and base running,” said Roberts.

   To improve their overall play, Junior Jayla Briggs hopes to improve upon certain skill work, such as the team’s first and third defense, and throw downs. Hopefully, putting hard work in at practice will give them the outcome that they are looking for during the season.

   With new challenges, new goals are brought along as well. Briggs hopes to see a positive change in the team environment this season. “One goal is to act and play like a family. I really hope to come together as one, and also make everyone feel welcomed,” said Briggs.

   “Now that we moved up to Division 1, I think that we have to stay positive, pump each other up, and play hard. We are a solid team, and I know we have what it takes to compete at this new level,” said Sophomore Ashley Legler. Wyckoff added, “It’s going to be a lot more competitive, and we are going to have to work a lot harder to beat some of the teams in our division. Hopefully we make CIF, but we will have to work even harder once we are in.”

    Not only will the team have to adjust to the new division, but they will also have to adjust to the loss of last year’s seniors, such as Stud Pitcher Natalie Minteer and Third Baseman Leilani Duarte. “Even though we lost four seniors, we have some talented new players who will be a great addition to our team,” Roberts added. Wyckoff also stated, “I think that it will be a hard adjustment to make because we are loosing our shortstop, pitcher, and third basemen. However, I think that we will have some underclassmen step up to the challenge and do a good job this year.”

   Briggs explained, “I really think we are going to go all the way this year. We have some really talented players, and I think as a team we are really going to come together.” Briggs believes that teamwork will be key this year. “It’s going to be what elevates us this year,” Briggs concluded.

   The girls will play their first game on Monday March 4, competing against Steele Canyon High in the Cougar Classic. Their overall season will be tough, as they are also in the Western League, which is the toughest League in the City Conference.