Girls Basketball Kept Intensity Throughout Season

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Girls Basketball Kept Intensity Throughout Season

Audrey Contenelli, Staff Writer

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UC High’s Girls Basketball Team kept a high winning streak this season while keeping a smile on their faces, and a love for the game in their hearts.

   During the season, the Lady Cents  won 22 games and only lost 7, in comparison to last year’s 18-12 record, which is still over .500. Furthermore, the girls averaged 47.6 points per game (p/g), 37.4 rebounds p/g, 10.1 assists p/g, and 3.3 blocks p/g — all above the national average, according to a high school statistics website (

   On February 8, the team competed in their last League game. In order to become back-to-back League champions, they had to beat San Diego High on the road, on the other team’s senior night, and Our Lady of Peace (OLP) had to lose to Hoover High on their senior night. UC High had no problem beating San Diego, with a final score of 58-22. As for the other game, although Hoover High was down their star player, they stayed ahead for the first three quarters. Unfortunately, OLP came back in the fourth, winning by three, causing UC High to take second in League. Senior Co-Captain Morgan Wills stated, “Our overall record was better this year, but we lost more games in League than last year. We won League last year with one loss.”

   The team was ranked 7 in CIF and had their first game against 10 Otay Ranch High.  The girls ended their  run in CIF, loosing against El Capitan High, with a close game of 45-39.

   Wills explained that the team works hard to earn their wins in practices, improving their skills and court strategies. “Practice can be very hard, with lots of running, but there’s always laughter and fun sprinkled in,” said Wills. “We also have a few players with a very high court-IQ, and this is very important because we can run any given offensive play based on the type of defense the other team is in,” she continued.

   Junior Riley Reinhardt said, “One of our team’s biggest strengths this year was working as a team and being unselfish. We worked really hard on making extra passes and getting the ball to the open player.”

   Much of the team’s success can be owed to their positive environment. Wills explained, “Our chemistry this year was amazing. I actually looked forward to going to practices, because I got to play with my best friends and just have fun.” This positivity is nurtured by the team, as well as Head Coach David Asuncion. “Before practice, coach shared what he likes to call a ‘nugget.’ A nugget is an inspirational quote that motivates us to achieve a common goal,” said Senior Co-Captain Sammie Staples.

   Much of the team credits their progress to their coaching staff. Wills said, “Coach Asuncion pushed us in games and practices, but also had his classroom open for us to come in and talk. He focused in on our defense and really pushed our defensive abilities this year. Personally, he has become like a third parent to me, and I’m going to miss playing for him.” Reinhardt added, “He has a very high basketball IQ; therefore, he always prepares us for anything we may come across. He also always pushes us and teaches us to become better players every time we step on the court.”

   Reinhardt continued, “Our assistant coaches, Coach Reinhardt, and Coach Avii are amazing. They are always there for us on and off the court, and always offer an encouraging word.”

  “This has been an amazing season. I love my team so much, because we work so hard and it is a lot of fun to play with them. We have been very successful this season, and we owe it to ourselves and our coaches for all the hard work and dedication,” said Reinhardt.

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