Wrestling Looks to Send Competitors to State Tournament

Kate Wiggins, Sports Editor

    UC High’s Wrestling Team has done profoundly well in their season so far, ranking in the top places in the majority of their tournaments, and hopes to send more players to the State Meet, as well as improve the team’s overall profile.

   “As a team, we have earned top ten placement in every tournament we have entered, and are currently 8-1 in the Dual Match setting,” said Head Coach Eddie Hernandez. The team has taken 6 of the 7 last Western League Titles, but ultimately strive for a CIF Championship Title. The team and coaching staff are looking pretty good and look to place in high honors in CIF.

   The team has lost their first League match in over four years to Patrick Henry High, by only four points. However, they are still contenders for the League Championship Title.

   Star wrestlers such as Senior Kody Renly and Junior Dusty Carr have competed exceptionally well this season. “Kody has really taken the initiative to put the team on his shoulders and lead the way. So far, Kody has placed in the top three in every tournament he has been to and is currently one of the top wrestlers in his weight class in the San Diego Section,” said Hernandez. He added that Carr is currently 21-5, has won two tournaments, and is ranked fifth in the San Diego Section.

   Senior Kody Renly said, “I think we filled the weight classes a lot better this year, and everybody made weights. We also have a much larger variety of moves that we use during matches and tournaments.”

   Before heading into matches, wrestlers like Renly gets into his best mental state to compete at his highest level. Renly added, “Before a match, I go in knowing that I can win, and reassuring myself that I’m tough on the inside and out.”

   Carr can say that his skills have definitely improved in comparison from last year. “The season is going great so far. My skills have improved, and I am now a team captain,” said Carr.

   This year the team only has four seniors, causing all teammates to step up their game in leadership and in work ethic. “As a result, we have relied on juniors and sophomores to step up and fill the gaps in leadership and experience what seniors generally bring to our team,” said Hernandez.

   “What I enjoy the most about wrestling is that it keeps me in check and it makes me push myself harder so that I’m ready for the next match and win,” added Carr.

   “The total season has been a highlight. As a coach, I get the pleasure of witnessing our team’s hard work payoff,” said Hernandez.

   Hernandez hopes to get more people on the team for future seasons. “We still don’t have the team size that I am looking for. We currently have 35 wrestlers on the team and I am looking to increase that number to 50.” Hernandez explained that having at least 50 wrestlers would bring better competition to the team, as well as the capability of having Varsity A, Varsity B, and a JV team. This year, they also have three girls on the team.

   The best of luck goes out to the UC High Wrestling Team as they compete for the League Championship Title, CIF Champion Title, and hopefully they will send multiple competitors to State Finals.