The Girls Tennis Team Goes Undefeated in New, City League

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The Girls Tennis Team Goes Undefeated in New, City League

Audrey Hancock, Staff Writer

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    The UC High Girls Tennis Team won their League after being newly placed in the City League this year. This  season they faced new competition, along with some old rivals, and came out on top.

   This year, Senior Captain Izzy Wade and Sophomore Kaitlyn Lov-Troung were the only players to move on to CIF singles. Doubles partners Freshman Cissy Letter and Sophomore Audrey Jason moved onto CIF doubles. Unfortunately, each representative of UC High lost in the first round.

   Head Coach Joseph Briese explained the biggest difference from last year’s team has been the overall development. He stated that an influx of new talent entered the program this year as returning players have continued to develop. “This year, we began to prepare to win our League, [and prepared] for the post-season in both team and individual CIF tournaments,” said Briese.

   Briese said he was honest with the players regarding the level of competition in their League. He stated, “I told them that unless we had multiple injuries, we should be able to [dominate and win our] League.” Briese explained that teams from Madison High, Clairemont High, and Christian High were the ones that would be the most competitive.   

   Captain Erin Nguyen said, “We almost lost all our doubles matches, but ended up getting a win in the League matches against Lincoln High and Hoover High. Winning 16-2 [against both teams], we were put in the upper half of our League. We’ve gotten really strong and have been playing with more skill and technique rather than just trying to get it over.”

      “I knew that our team’s makeup was a little different this year than last year. In the previous year, we were very strong in singles and our doubles were a little weaker. This year, we had to reconfigure our lineup to make it a little more balanced,” explained Briese.

   With these new accomplishments, the Girls Tennis Team is moving up to Eastern League and Division Two. Wade said, “Team League playoffs was a tough one. The weather was not on our side, and the courts weren’t that good at all.”

   Wade explained the complication of the tournament: “There’s first round, second round, quarters, semis, and then finals. Only the top eight players in the League get to play everyone. If you lose in the first or second round, you’re done. If you lose in quarters, you go to backdraw. Backdraw players play each other and there’s a winner in that tournament. Then the people in the normal draw finish and play it out to the finals and there’s one winner. Then it goes on to singles and doubles playoffs.” Although going on to League backdraw, Senior Myla Zapf won facing Madison High and Sophomore Kaitlyn Lov-Truong beat Christian High.

   First Year Player Junior Alexandra Jackson explained, “It’s more fun than I thought and the team aspect is very cool. Wade is a really good role model to me, because she is always doing the right thing and helping me improve my skills.”

   “Overall,” Jackson said, “We had a good team network that accomplished a lot, and from the beginning, I saw our team winning League. Coach always encouraged us and at our matches, reminding us what we are here for.”

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