Girls Water Polo Looks Forward to Another Successful Season

Avalon Owens, Staff Writer

The UC High Girls Water Polo Team looks forward to the upcoming season with hope; with the successes of last year in mind, they are excited to see the new talent that will make up this year’s team.

   “Last year, we played really well together, being able to make it to the championship game in CIF. It was overall a good season with a lot of wins and lots of good experience for all of our players,” said Junior Co-Captain Jenna Harper.

   “In the beginning [of our last season], we didn’t really know one another, but as the season progressed, we became very close and were able to work well together, because we knew each other’s strengths and weaknesses,” said Sophomore Samantha Yoo. Junior Co-Captain Lexie Jackson revealed how the strength of their team comes directly from treating each other like family and always being there for one another.

   With the stream of success came growing confidence: “At the beginning of the last season, we weren’t aware of our capability to be one of the top teams. Once we realized this, we became more focused as a team,” explained Sophomore Olivia Barman.

   According to Harper, their success from last season caused the team to be moved up from Division 2 to Division 1. “With the Division change, this year will be an especially important rebuilding year for us. Three of our star players graduated, so it’s up to our underclassman to step it up and work hard to have another good season this year and the years to come,” Harper elaborated.

   Yoo remarked that last season may have been one to remember with the many victories both in and out of the pool, but the team hopes to keep up the excitement this year.

    “With all the new players, we will need to learn how everyone can contribute to the team and use this to be successful,” said Yoo. Jackson shared that the team hopes to have another strong season and go as far as they did last year in D2.

   “I believe that this year will be another good one for us, because everyone on the team shares a love for the sport and it reflects off of one another in a very positive way,” said Yoo.

   “The team is very encouraging and supportive towards me which really helps me become motivated to try my hardest and succeed for them,” said Jackson. “I love water polo because of my teammates. They push me to get better everyday,” added Barman.