Gillum Kicks Off a Great Senior Season

As a star midfielder and forward on the soccer field, and stud center fielder on the softball diamond, Senior Erin Gillum looks to have two more stunning high school seasons this year.

   She lettered in both sports as a freshman and is looking to finish her last seasons strong. After her final year in high school, she is looking into possibly continuing her soccer legacy at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

   “As a team captain [for the Soccer Team], my motivation stems from focusing on the team, bringing teammates up, and getting the win. I always try to stay as positive as possible and not bring anyone down,” said Erin Gillum.

   According to Erin Gillum, she started soccer at a very young age. She was five when she first started to play on a team. “I would always play soccer around my house. I used to kick the ball and practice. The first time I was on a team was when I was in kindergarten,” she said.

   Erin Gillum is the oldest sibling in her family. She has influenced her younger sister to play soccer as well. “Since I am the oldest, I started playing soccer first. I would say me playing soccer has given some direction for my younger sister to play too,” she explained.

  Her sister, Junior Sidney Gillum explained, “My sister is a great captain. She is very positive and she leads by example. She has definitely helped me be a strong player.” She added, “My sister was the reason why I started playing soccer. She has been a great role model.”

   Senior Co-Captain Camille Balagtas explained, “Erin and I are both first-time captains as seniors. She had a lot of responsibilities last year as a junior. I think this year she is going to be a great captain because she is a good leader on the field and very personable with the younger kids.”

   According to Balagtas, they have been close friends since middle school, but during the years they have been playing soccer together, they have gotten a lot closer. Balagtas also believes that as a player, Erin Gillum is not only really strong on the ball but plays with confidence, along with calmness.

   Erin Gillum explained that she enjoys getting out of the house and getting a good workout in, thus she plays high school soccer and softball, along with club soccer during the offseason.

   One reason why Erin Gillum is so invested in the sport of soccer is due to her love for the togetherness and team spirit. She likes being a part of the UC Team, because it has always been very supportive and has always been a positive environment. “I really like the feeling of having a second family,” she stated.

   “My prediction for this season is that it is going to be a fun one. This year we are going to focus on building because we’re going to have a lot of young players,” said Erin Gillum.

   “I am excited [to see the outcome of the] season this year, to get in shape, and to meet new people. I’m also excited to work hard for something that I love,” said Erin Gillum.

   The passion and determination she carries for soccer is evident through the way she speaks upon it. Her peers, teammates, and family never doubt her and truly believe she will be a great leader and role model for the team this year, on and off the field.