Weiss Racks Up Points for Girls Volleyball


Emma Truchan, Sports Editor

On home game days for girls volleyball, you can see Senior Co-Captain and Outside Hitter Kimberly “Kimmi” Weiss adorned in spirit wear, usually sporting a brightly-colored tutu. On the court, you can see her giving her all on every point. Weiss has been playing volleyball since the sixth grade, and instantly fell in love with the sport. Since then, she has made strides on the Girls Volleyball Team, and has worked her way to becoming a stronger athlete and a valued leader.

   Since moving up to Division One and to Western League this season, the Girls Volleyball Team has seen their fair share of challenging teams. But Weiss remains adamant about encouraging her teammates to constantly give maximum effort during these tight games.    

    “As a captain, I’m trying my best to really lead my team right now. Staying positive and boosting my teammate’s confidence is my top priority…. Fighting for every point and cheering helps boost energy and positivity,” said Weiss. Her eagerness to improve on a personal and team level, in addition to her competitive nature, has allowed Weiss to grow into a great captain and athlete.

    Weiss helps her team in more ways than just her uplifting attitude; as a starting offensive player, she’s able to wrack up points. “In the front row, she helps us rack up points with kills. She has a really gnarly swing,” said Senior Co-Captain Natalie Dhus. According to a sports statistics website, the combination of that “gnarly swing” with her impressive vertical has allowed Weiss to accumulate over 60 kills in her senior season so far, and she leads the team in kills-per-set (maxpreps.com).

   Due to her exceptional overall skills, Weiss plays both front-row and back-row. As a defensive player in the back row, Weiss shines just as bright as when she is playing in the front. Through remarkable hustle and determination to not let the ball drop, Weiss has grown into a strong and reliable defensive player. “She has great court sense which is very valuable when playing defense. She does a good job reading the offense of the other team, and has great ball control, both of which are  huge keys to success in playing defense,” explained Head Coach Amanda Wiggins.

    Weiss does not have plans to play sports at the collegiate level, due to a severe shoulder injury she received last season. Weiss explained that she has been partaking in physical therapy to help remedy the injury, but if she were to participate in sports beyond the high school level, it would require surgery which she does not plan to do as of now.

   For the rest of the season, Weiss’s personal goal is to continue to remain positive, and to give every game her best effort, while encouraging her teammates to do the same. “Over the years, I’ve developed as a player by thinking more about what I can do to make sure that everyone on the court is playing every rally like it’s game point. And if I’ve accomplished that, then nothing can stop us,” affirmed Weiss.

   For the past four years, Weiss has been a strong asset to the UC High Girls Volleyball Team. Her athleticism, leadership, and positive attitude — both on and off the court — have left a lasting impression on her teammates and peers who wish her the best of luck on her future endeavors.